11th day of the WHL 2017

The indoor season is coming soon to an end. After last weekend’s NZ Club Championships, tonight were the semi finals of the Wellington League.

The Vikings women faced off versus the Hutt Valley Hunters to battle out the second finalist for the Wellington League final.
The Vikings women started good into the game and build an early lead (3:1, 6:2, 9:4), though half way through the first half, the Hunters woke up and started fighting back (18:12).
The second half saw early on two equal teams battling for the spot in the final. The Vikings women left lots of scoring opportunities unused and though the Hunters fought back and the Vikings lead started melting slowly thinner (28:24, 30:27, 32:30), but then in the last ten minutes of the game our goalie Michaela saved ball after ball and secured the team’s win and spot in the final. Final score 36:31.
Vikings HC – Michaela; Bridget 11, Maddy 9, Hannah C 6, Laura 5, Lisa 5, Siri, Paris, Taye
Hutt Valley Hunters HC – Ailish 9, Marie 9, Georgia 6, Tamara 5,  La 1, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx 

The Vikings Danes team faced the Vic Uni Turtles in the semi final and it was a game that saw two completely different halves.
The first half was a bit of a shock to the Vikings. The Turtles came prepared and put the Danes under pressure, creating numerous scoring opportunities and exploiting holes in the Vikings defense. On the other side, the Vikings attack suffered from inaccuracy and too much individual play, instead of the team play the team is known for. At halftime the Turtles led surprisingly 17:18 and the Vikings needed a wake up call during the half time break.
The second half started then with a very concentrated Vikings defense and a clinical Vikings attack. The defense forced turnovers and the fast break led to easy goals on the other side (24:20, 29:22). At the end, the Vikings cruised home to a 37:28 win, securing a spot in the final.
Vikings HC Danes – Cassius; Alex 7, Todd 7, Paul 7, Luke 6, Harry 4, Jack 3, Riley 2, Angus 1
Vic Uni HC Turtles – Jerome; Luke 9, Aleksa 6, Adam 4, Oceon 4, Sean 1, Pat D 1, Ben P 1, Ben A 1, Locky 1, Pat T, Nicolas

Other results:
Women – Spartanz HC vs Vic Uni HC Ravens 18:29
Men – Spartanz HC vs Northern Aguilas HC 13:33
Men – Vic Uni HC Wolves vs Vic Uni HC Royals (tbc)
(note: Vikings HC Norse– men – had a bye)

Summary NZ Club Champs 2017

The 2017’s New Zealand Club Champs were hosted by the Wellington Handball Community and played at the ASB Sports Stadium.

The Vikings Handball Club entered one men and one women team into the competition, with the men team aiming for repeating their title from last year, and with the women team focusing on developing further their team play and hoping to pick up a few wins on the way.

Let’s start with the Vikings women team.
The team started with lots of players unable to attend due to injuries, sickness and other reasons, so the actual squad on day one of the tournament was minimal. The team though played hard and fought brave each game, unfortunately the women team wasn’t able to win any of the games.

Vikings HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 16:39
Jensen; Maddy 7, Laura 4, Bridget 2, Siri 1, Ellie 1. Hannah 1, Taye
Vikings HC vs Sparkz 13:24
Jensen; Maddy 7, Bridget 4, Laura 2, Siri 2, Sue 1, Hannah, Te Mapihi, Taye, Jane
Vikings HC vs Otago Uni HC 19:26
Jensen; Maddy 7, Laura 6. Bridget 5, Te Mapihi 1, Taye, Hannah, Siri, Sue
Vikings HC vs Vic Uni Ravens HC 17:29
Jensen; Maddy 6, Bridget 4, Te Mapihi 3, Nina 3, Hannah 1, Siri, Taye, Sue

The Vikings men team started already on Friday night and looked forward to compete in a group of five teams and three of those five teams (including the Vikings) were expected to be up there playing for the tournament win. With such strong competition it was clear every game counts and also potentially the goal difference.
The team started very well with wins over the Vic Uni B team, the Brisbane Wolves and the Spartanz. On Sunday morning though, the team faced the Canterbury Quakes who was unbeaten until this game too and so the winner of this game will proceed to the final.
That was worst possible time on Sunday morning 8 am for the Vikings men to collectively didn’t play to their potential but congratulations to the Quakes who played very well and deserved to progress to the final.
In the small final the Vikings played better and secured the third place in the 2017 National Club Champs.

Vikings HC vs Vic Uni HC B 45:15
James, Cassius; Daniel 9, Paul 8 Todd 7, Jack 6, Harry 5, Alex 5, Miguel 3, Angus 1, Luke 1, Riley
Vikings HC vs Brisbane Wolves HC 30:27
James, Cassius; Luke 10, Daniel 5, Riley 4, Harry 4, Jack 2, Miguel 2, Todd 1, Alex 1, Sam 1, Paul, Angus
Vikings HC vs Spartanz 36:21
James, Cassius; Angus 6, Alex 6, Luke 5, Todd 5, Riley 4, Harry 3, Miguel 2, Jack 2, Sam 2, Paul 1
Vikings HC vs Canterbury Quakes HC 18:27
James, Cassius; Luke 6, Todd 3, Daniel 2, Angus 2, Jack 1, Harry 1, Sam 1, Miguel 1, Alex 1 
Vikings HC vs Auckland Pirates HC 38:30
James, Cassius; Luke 10, Daniel 7, Jack 5, Todd 5, Alex 5, Miguel 4, Sam 1, Harry 1, Angus

Overall it was a great tournament, seeing so many players and teams from across the country and also having an Australian club team there was awesome. James Weston, one of the mens goalkeeper won the “Goalkeeper of the tournament” award and Vikings players are ranked in both scorer lists within the Top 10 (Women – Maddy 5th, Bridget 10th; Men – Luke 3rd, Daniel 6th & Todd 9th).
It was also great to see that a lot of our young club members have blossomed during the games and improved further skills and confidence on the Handball court, well done both teams!!!

Also congratulations to the Northern Aguilas HC who won the men competition and the Vic Uni Ravens HC who won the women competition.
Both teams played great tournaments and can call themselves now the official NZ Club Champions 2017.

All detailed results you can find under “Competitions 2017/NZ Club Championships 2017”

10th week of the WHL 2017

Now the Wellington League goes into the final weeks and today’s results have set the (semi) final tables.

In the last pool rounds today, the results of the Vikings teams didn’t matter that much as last weeks games had solidified those table positions already and so the games were played in very good spirit with each team trying to work on team play and gaining some confidence.

The Vikings women faced the Vic Uni Ravens, who are also the current team to beat in Wellington.
The game started not very well for the Vikings girls, with rushed and bad shots on attack, and sub-par defense we quickly saw us behind (1:5, 2:8, 4:12). Mid-way through the first half we finally found some rhythm and forced some turnovers that led to easy fasbreaks (8:13, 10:13). Though in the last two minutes of the first half we struggled again and the Ravens went with a 10:16 lead into half time.
The second half started like the first started and the Ravens were able to build their lead further (10:18, 11:22). This pretty much sealed the game and the last 15 minutes were all about getting back to playing good team handball. The end result was 20:32.
Congrats to the Vic Uni Ravens, leading the table now at the end of the Pool rounds and going into the Final rounds as main favourite.
Vikings HC – Michaela; Laura 6, Nina 5, Lisa 4, Maddy 3, Bridget 1, Paris 1, Siri, Taye, Malin
Vic Uni HC Ravens – Chrissy; Maddie 10, Ida 7, Sam 5, Maja 4, Hanne 3, Meli 2, Mon 1, Kathleen

The Vikings Danes were scheduled to play the Northern Aguilas, the currently unbeaten leader at the table and it was a good very good game.
The Vikings decided to move up some players of the Norse team and were able to show real strength by playing some very team Handball in the majority of the game.
The team started well of and though the game went head to head, score by score (4:4, 7:7, 9:9), the sense was the Vikings had a bit more depth then the Aguilas. Short before half time the Vikings were going up by two (12:10) and seemed to get now the upper-hand but the Aguilas finished the half strong and the final half time result was 13:12.
In the second half the game was pretty much the same, with both teams going neck to neck (16:16, 19:19). But then the Danes had a bit of a tumble with just 10 minutes to go, some sloppy defense and some rushed shots allowed the Aguilas to build a small lead (20:22, 21:24) from which the Danes didn’t recover in time. The final result was 24:28.
Well done to both teams showing a great game of Handball in very fair spirits and also thanks to the refereeing which was probably one of the better referee performances this year.
As this game’s result had literally no impact on the table and so no impact on the potential semi-final setting, both teams can agree that it was a good opportunity to prepare for the NZHF Club Champs (next weekend, 15-17 September) against high quality opposition.
Vikings HC Danes – Cass; Daniel 6, Alex 5, Nico 3, Luke 3, Todd 3, Miguel 2, Jack 1, Paul 1, Riley, Michael
Northern Aguilas HC – Yoshi; Tim 10, James P 7, Nick 4, Oscar 2, Matt 2, Jono 1, Max 1, Aaron 1, Tyler, Cam

The last game of the day was played between the Vikings Norse and the Vic Uni Wolves.
In short, the Norse showed off some good team handball and the Wolves showed their consistent improvement but the experience of the Norse team pulled through – 44:26 (20:15).
Vikings HC Norse – Cass; Jack 10, Paul 10, Miguel 9, Rakesh 6, Daniel 4, Alex 3, Michael 2, Angus S
Vic Uni HC Wolves – HeHan; Daniel M 8, Pat 6, Tile 6, Thomas 4, Alex 1, Patrick 1

Other results:
Women – Spartanz HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 19:25
Men – Spartanz HC vs Vic Uni HC Turtles 24:34
(note: Vic Uni Royals– men – had a bye)

9th week of WHL 2017

What a Sunday it was!

First up the Vikings women team.
The team was almost attending with the complete squad and hyped, only Paris was absent for the game.
The game started with both teams blazing and going neck on neck (2:2, 4:4), until the Spartanz got the upper hand and build a little lead (4:7, 6:9). Later in the first half, the Viking girls were shocked by a serious knee injury of Amelie – we all hope she will be already soon and recover quickly. After that shock, the team started to refocus and to close down the deficit, goal by goal (8:10, 11:12, 12:12) and even took the lead just before the half time buzzer (13:12).
In the second half the team stayed focused and extended the lead (16:14, 20:15) and never looked back. The final score was 28:24.
All in all, the team showed especially in attack beautiful sequences with the ball flowing fats and finding the right player at the right time.
Thanks to Alex, who was helping again out and is already on her way back to Dunedin for her studies. And also thanks to our #1 fan Ellie.
Vikings HC – Michaela; Maddy 8, Nina 5, Laura 5, Bridget 4, Siri 2, Taye 2, Hannah C 1, Alex 1, Amelie, Malin 
Spartanz HC – Megan, Lottie; Paola 8, Jaclyn 6, Erin 4, Emily 2, Sharnay 2, Amelia 1, Francie 1, Ruby

Next game, the Norse were back on schedule playing the Vic Uni Royals.
Unfortunately some players were missing but we also welcomed back Eman, who was absent due to injury since May and he gave his season debut in the Wellington League.
The game started very slow and the Norse made way too many early mistakes and allowed the young Royals team to capitalise on it (4:7). Half way through the first half, the Norse started focusing a bit better and took control of the game (7:8, 12:10). The half time lead (14:11) was looking way better than the start of the game would have suggested.
The second half started like the first half finished and the Norse team played focused and lethal building further on their lead (16:11, 20:13). After building now this comfortable lead the team lost the focus again and the last 12 minutes of the game were just cruising for both teams (24:17, 28:20) and the game finished with a final score of 32:25.
Overall it was a bit disappointing for the Norse that they couldn’t focus for the full game. Though it was good to have Eman back and also Miguel showed great improvements.
Vikings HC Norse – James; Nico 10, Daniel 9, Eman 4, Rakesh 4, Miguel 3, Sam 2
Vic Uni HC Royals – Aleksa; #51 9, #99 4, Sam G 4, Sean F 3, Sahir 2, #38 1, #6 1, Jaxson 1

The last game of the day was between the Vikings Danes team and the Vic Uni Turtles.
The Danes started full steam ahead (3:1, 6:2, 10:4) but then lost a bit the momentum at the later part of the first half. At half time the team was up 15:10 and in the team huddle the coach urged to the team to show more focus and to cut out silly mistakes.
In the second half, the Danes build on the further lead and showed some great fast breaks. Especially Cassius showed great saves in the second half and showed while he was the current Under 21 National team goalkeeper.
At the end, the team won with 34:19. There were some minor things the team could have done better, but all in all we are heading into the hot phase of the season and the team seems prepared and ready for the upcoming tasks.
Vikings HC Danes – Cassius; Luke 8, Alex 6, Harry 5, Jack 4, Todd 4, Riley 4, Paul 2, Angus H 1
Vic Uni HC Turtles – Jerome; Sean F 6, #69 4, Ben 2, Patrick 2, Aleksa 1, Pat 1, Tille 1 

Other results:
Women – Victoria University HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 25:20
Men – Spartanz HCvs Northern Aguilas HC 16:34
(note: Vic Uni Wolves– men – had a bye)