Welcome to Season 2020

This year started a little different then all those years before.
Thank you to a worldwide pandemic, our season started very delayed but we consider ourselves very lucky with the progress we, as a country, made in New Zealand. We finally can start our league.

The Vikings have recruited a few very interesting new prospects but also the first few training sessions showed some significant improvements of our younger players too. Super exciting to start the new season

finally new team pictures …

First we needed a while to get our new playing kit sorted and printed, then we needed another while to get the majority of the teams together and finally here are the latest team pics.

Vikings HC – Women

Back row (left to right): Nina Stollberg (10), Siri Kolbeinsen (15), Michael Jensen (1), Laura Albiston (4), Madeleine Hazelton (5), Bridget Ireland (8), Daniel Triebsch (Coach)
Front row (left to right): Hannah Chapman (7), Amelie Krewel (9), Paris Tuimaseve-Fox (16), Taye Lewis (17)
Missing: Julia Kanning, Hannah Koeck, Te Mapihi Tutua-Nathan, Marie Rusch, Malin Suler

Vikings HC Norse – Men

Back row (left to right): Nicolas Piveteau (2), Samuel Keegan (10), Rakesh Kumar (5), PJ Garner (4), Daniel Triebsch (6)
Front row (left to right): Pierre Tellier (19), Wagner Ishikawa (3), Cassius Papera (12), James Weston (18), Miguel Aizpuru (20), Michael McKay (14)
Missing: Emmanuel Nagoor (9)

Vikings HC Danes – Men

Back row (left to right): Jack Gallagher (4), Todd Anderson (3), Luke Ireland (8), Angus Hazelton (21), Alexander Bickers (17)
Front row (left to right): Paul Ireland (16), Loan Valton (1), Harry Ireland (5)
Missing: Josh Petersen (19), Petr Holic (1), Riley Grice, Thomas Scott, Angus Stallman, Lachlan Harrison, Tim Rowe

Upcoming NZ Regionals in Auckland

This upcoming weekend (12th/13th August) the NZHF has invited to the NZ Regionals.

This tournament is a competition for the Regional Representative teams battling out the NZ title.
Following teams have confirmed:
Men – Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington
Women – Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington

The Wellington Handball Federation will confirm the final team squads tomorrow.

A new season is knock’in on the door

Welcome to 2017 and new Handball season not far away.

After a very successful 2016 season, the Vikings will have high ambitions to build on those experiences and to get better.

Now it’s time for pre-season and the Vikings will start on the 17th of January with two trainings a week.

The first tournament in 2017 will be the Wellington Beach tournament on Saturday the 28th of January 2017 at the Oriental Bay beach.

More information for the upcoming Handball season will follow soon.

If you are interested in giving Handball a go, or you are an experienced player – kiwi or foreigner – please contact vikingshc@gmail.com.

Let’s GO Vikings