Club Membership

Being a Club Member will provide give you a feeling of belonging, camaraderie and also lots of fun. The Club is providing regular training sessions throughout the year and also enters multiple competitions on local, regional and national levels.

Our teams trying to cater for all skills levels and wide age groups (between 12 and 50 years of age)

The Club Membership fees are an important part to allow consistency in planning for practices and for future competitions.

Membership costs for 2017 are:

annual – ADULT – $250
(half season $200)

annual – STUDENT – $200
(half season $150)

In some cases, we are having players joining our teams just for a few games for various reasons (i.e. living outside of Wellington). In those cases we will talk to you in person about what the annual club subs would look like.

The club leadership team is working hard and encourages other club members to help to find alternative and creative ways to increase club incomes through fundraising, grant applications, and sponsorship.

The membership fees should be paid before the season starts. In case the member struggles to pay all upfront please talk to the club leadership team and together we will figure out a solution.

Bank account:

Account name:                Vikings Handball Club
Account number:             06-0513-0322304-00

Sub account – men:         06-0513-0322304-01
Sub account – women:    06-0513-0322304-02

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