Vikings women

In 2017, the Vikings women unfortunately lost a few players, but also gained some new. The team is looking forward to compete in the Wellington League.

We are aiming to enter team(s) into the North Island Championships (Palmerston North, 29th April 2017) and into the NZ Club Championships (Wellington, 15th – 17th September 2017).

Team pictures:


Back row (left to right): Nina Stollberg (10), Siri Kolbeinsen (15), Michael Jensen (1), Laura Albiston (4), Madeleine Hazelton (5), Bridget Ireland (8), Daniel Triebsch (Coach)
Front row (left to right): Hannah Chapman (7), Amelie Krewel (9), Paris Tuimaseve-Fox (16), Taye Lewis (17)
Missing: Julia Kanning, Hannah Koeck, Te Mapihi Tutua-Nathan, Marie Rusch, Malin Suler



top (left to right):
Sasha Gray, Bridget Ireland, Georgia Bell, Tahndae Wyatt, Laura Albiston, Sophie Halliday, Daniel Triebsch (Coach)
bottom (left to right):
Madeleine Hazelton, Tamara Baker, Te Mapihi Tutua-Nathan, Hannah Chapman, Madeleine Whyte
Hannah O’Connor, Josie Dixon, Michaela Jensen


Back row (from left to right):
Stefanie Steiger, Bella Smith, Cassie O’Regan, Catherine Graham, Hannah

Front row (from left to right):
Maddy Hazelton, Alex Mair, Ellie Beverly

Missing in picture:
Rose Palmer, Kate O’Regan, Shannon Mackiewicz, Valeria Falkenstern, Hannah Fletcher, Kate O’Meeghan