7th Week of WHL 2017

Another eventful Sunday of the Wellington Handball League.

The Vikings women team were facing off with the Vic Uni Ravens and the game was close, competitive and surely good to watch. Both teams added recently some new players, mainly foreign players, so there was a certain expectation of both teams raising their level of play.
Vic Uni started from the get go and build a slight 2 goal lead that they defended most of the game. While the Vikings played reasonable well in attack their defence still offered the Ravens way too many easy scoring opportunities and so they never really managed to equalise or even get in the lead. In the last 10-12 minutes, the Ravens, were able to add a couple of goals to the lead. The Vikings fought hard, came back to a 2 goal deficit (20:22) but the Ravens hold on to the lead and and finished with a 21:26 win.
Vikings HC – Michaela; Maddy 7, Amelie 5, Bridget 3, Hannah C 2, Paris 1, Nina 1, Laura 1, Taye 1, Siri, Malin
Vic Uni HC – Abbey; Ida 12, Maddie 8, Maja 3, Monique 1, Kelsey 1, Meli 1, Hanne, Antonia, Chrissy, Isaure

The Vikings Norse team was facing the Vic Uni Turtles fighting for a place in the Top 4. As this was the last round of the Pool – Round Robin, the winner of this game pretty much qualified for the Top 4 round. Both teams were obviously very focused and aiming to win.
The Turtles came out blazing and build a quick lead (0:3, 1:6, 3:10) that caught the Vikings team quite a bit from the side. For some reason the Norse really struggled and the Turtles knew how to capitalise on those struggles, while going with a 10:20 into halftime.
In the second half the Norse wanted to ensure the desaster happened in the first half won’t be repeated and they played with a bit more structured. Still unnecessary turnovers invited the Turtles to easy fast break goals that pretty much broke the Norse spirit towards the end of the game. The closes the Norse came was within 6 goals, but that wasn’t enough to shake the Turtles. Congratulations to the Turtles for a well deserved win (23:35) and the qualification for the Top 4.
Vikings HC Norse – Cassius, James; Daniel 13, Sam 3, Wagner 3, Nico 2, Miguel 2, PJ, Michael, Pierre, Rakesh
Vic Uni HC Turtles – Andrija, Jerome; Ben P 8, Aleksa 5, Luke 5, Ocean 5, Patrick D 4, Thomas 3, Ben A 3, Michael 1, Tile 1, Will, Sean, Pat

The Vikings Danes faced today the Northern Aguilas, a top of the table clash, first versus second. Even that both teams were already qualified for the Top4, there was a lot of pride to gain in this game. As expected the game was close most of the time, mainly with the Northern Aguilas leading by 1 or 2, but the Danes fought hard to stay close. Unfortunately too many unforced turnovers in attack invited the Aguilas to easy goals and that should proof to be the difference on this day. Both teams had really good goalkeeper today that kept the game very exciting for the audience. After a 11:13 half time lead, the Aguilas pulled away over the last 6-8 minutes of the game to secure a 20:28 win and finishing the Pool round on top of the table. Congratulations Aguilas, well done!
Vikings HC Danes – Loann; Paul 6, Luke 5, Alex 5, Todd 2, Jack 1, Harry 1, Angus 
Northern Aguilas HC – Yoshi; Nick 8, Tim 8, James C 4, James P 3, Jono 2, Cam 1, Aaron 1, Oscar 1, Max, Tyler, Matt


For the men competition that was the last day of the Pool Round and now we will have another set of Pool Rounds – a Top4 and a Bottom3 competiton based on a Round Robin.

Wellington women winning NZ Regionals 2017 with 3 Vikings players + Vikings Coach

Congratulations to the Wellington Women team who won the NZ Regionals last weekend in Auckland.
Three Vikings players were part of the winning squad – Congratulations!!!

While the Wellington Women team won, the Wellington Men fought hard and achieved a 4th place, just outside of the medal ranks.
Congratulations to Auckland for winning the men competition.

NZ Regionals 2017 - Wellington all

Both Wellington Rep teams (men and Women) at the NZ Regionals 2017 — Back Row (left to right): Willy, Sean, Shyam, Luke, Ocean, Scott, Nick, Thomas, Daniel — Middle Row (left to right): Nico, Tom, Aleksa, Maddy, Bridget, Ida, Abbey — Front Row (left to right): Claire, Kathleen, Chrissy, Emily, Maddie, Hannah, Maja


Upcoming NZ Regionals in Auckland

This upcoming weekend (12th/13th August) the NZHF has invited to the NZ Regionals.

This tournament is a competition for the Regional Representative teams battling out the NZ title.
Following teams have confirmed:
Men – Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington
Women – Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington

The Wellington Handball Federation will confirm the final team squads tomorrow.

6th Week of WHL 2017

Here we go again …

This Sunday, the Vikings women team faced the Spartanz Women team. Unfortunately our goalkeeper injured herself during the week and was unavailable but luckily we welcomed also a few new players who gave their final debut for the team. The Spartanz on the other side were missing a couple of players but still were an opponent to watch out for.

The first half started really well for the Vikings women, who build quickly a lead that resulted in a 12:6 half-time lead. Hereby we were able to capitalize from our string defense and also ensuring we kept the scoreboard ticking over on the other side. The second half started well (19:11), but half way through the Vikings women lost the momentum and the Spartanz team started a catch up goal by goal (20:15, 22:19). Luckily the Vikings girls kept their nerves and finished the last 3 minutes of the game string when they revisited their earlier defense performance to ensure the win (23:22, 25:23). The final result of 25:22 was a much needed win, but certainly the second half was something we should learn from and not repeat again.
Vikings HC – Laura 7, Amelie 5, Maddy 4, Paris 2, Hannah C 2, Nina 2, Bridget 2, Siri 1, Taye 
Spartanz HC – Megan; Paola 8. Emily 3, Sharney 3, Francie 3, Amelia 3, Ioana 2, Ruby

Both Vikings Men teams were scheduled to face each other on Sunday. Unfortunately the Danes had to default the game as the vast majority of the team (8 players) were selected for the NZ U21 team (participating at the IHF Trophy) and were unavailable for this game. So the Vikings Norse won be default.

The other results were:
Women – Victoria University HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 28:18
Men – Vic Uni HC Royals vs Northern Aguilas HC 13:44
Men – Vic Uni HC Wolves vs Spartanz HC 24:45
(note: Vic Uni HC Turtles– men – had a bye)

5th Week of WHL 2017

Another Sunday and another day of Handball …

The Vikings women team had lots of reason to be happy today, they finally got the new playing strip (team photo will follow) and the won their game versus the Hutt Valley Hunters.
Unfotunately though, they won by default as the Hunters called in earlier to report that they won’t have enough players to field a team.

The Vikings Danes played Sunday night too, versus the young Vic Uni Wolves team. As expected the the Danes scoring express started to heat up quickly and at the end there was a comfortabale 44:13 win for the Danes
Vikings HC Danes – Loann; Jack 8, Harry 6, Paul 6, Todd 5, Josh 5, Riley 5, Nino 3, Luke 3, Gus 2, Alex 1
VUW Wolves – HeHan; Sean 5, Tom 4, Jaxson 3, Michael 1, Josh, Thomas C, Albert, George

The other results were:
Women – Victoria University HC vs Spartanz HC 18:13
Men – Vic Uni HC Turtles vs Vic Uni HC Royals 37:21
Men – Northern Aguilas HC vs Spartanz HC 34:17
(note: Vikings HC Norse – men – had a bye)

Vikings men selected for U21 National Team

Congratulations to following Vikings players:

  • Harry Ireland
  • Paul Ireland
  • Angus Hazelton
  • Riley Grice
  • Cassius Papera
  • Emmanuel Nagoor
  • Thomas Scott
  • Jack Gallagher
  • Antonino DeGregorio

All 9 of them were selected to represent New Zealand at the IHF Trophy 2017 Oceania, hosted by the Cook Islands between the 31st July and 4th August 2017.

Also, our beloved senior player Luke Ireland, was named Assistant Coach.

Make us and NZ proud!!! Good Luck!!!

4th Week of WHL 2017

This Sunday was not a good Sunday for the Vikings teams.

At first the women team had to default, simply as to many layers of our small women squad were unavailable. We would liek to apologize to the women of the Vic Uni club that we couldn’t offer them a good game.

For the Vikings men teams, the “Danes” had a bye week and the “Norse” were scheduled to play the Spartanz. A very important game, as both teams are in the race for one of the top 4 places that qualify for the Semi-finals.
Same as the girls, the Norse missed three important players as they were away overseas, and therefore the team had only 7 players to compete. In a nutshell – the Norse lost 23:41 – and the Spartanz capitalised smartly from the Norse short comings on Sunday evening. Congrats to the Spartanz for taking their chances, and for the Norse team, heads up, next game will be better!
Vikings HC Norse –  Cassius, James; Nico 9, Rakesh 5, PJ 4, Daniel 3, Sam 2, Pierre
Spartanz HCRhys, Thomas; Rocky 8, Tom 8, Nick 7, Jed 5, Zcott 4, Kishore 3, Willy 3, Fred 2. Shyam 1

The other results were:
Women – Hutt Valley Hunters HC vs Spartanz HC 35:33
Men – Northern Aguilas HC vs Vic Uni HC Turtles 32:18
Men – Vic Uni HC Wolves vs Vic Uni HC Royals 15:15
(note: Vikings HC Danes – men – had a bye)