Game Day 1 – 2020

First competitive games of the season, and the first two wins. Both, the Vikings women and the Vikings men teams starting successful into the 2020 Season.

The Vikings women kicked off the league in a game versus the Spartanz women. The Vikings started off strong and built quickly a 4:1 lead. The team still struggled a little with the team play, but on an individual level it was clear that the Vikings had more depth on each position and used it to their advantage. At halftime, we were leading with a comfortable 11:4.
In the second half, we prepared for a push from the Spartanz who fought til the last second, but our girls pushed back and won comfortably with 23:9.
Having more depth this year will definitely a big plus and hopefully lead to a few more wins and a shot on winning the Wellington title.

Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 23:9 (11:4)
VIK: Abbey L, Kristina H; Nele G 6, Maddie S 3, Ruby O 3, Maddy H 2, Susan I 2, Maja B 2, Ella A 2, Amelia M 1, Sam G 1, Izzah S 1, Michaela J, Georgia M
SPA: Jordan T; Emily T 5, Francesca G 1, Taylor N 1, Meli P 1, Paola N 1, Lottie J, Erin R-M, Chrissy M, Laura M, Antinella C

In the men competition, the same clubs, Vikings and Spartanz faced off against each other to kick off the 2020 season.
The Vikings started strong with a quick 4:0 but then allowed the Spartanz to have a breather when we missed some great scoring opportunities. The Spartanz took advantage of that and stayed in the game (5:3, 8:7, 11:11).
Over the last five minutes of the first half, the Vikings finally were able to pull a tiny bit away to go with a 16:12 into the halftime break.
In the second half, the deeper bench and the individual advantages of the Vikings players came more into consideration and the Vikings men were building goal by goal on a larger lead (20:14, 25:16) and at the end won with 33:17.

Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 33:17 (16:12)
James W; Paul I 8, Nico P 8, Alex B 4, Ben P 3, Harry I 3, Torven S 2, Patrick D 2, Felippe R 1, Sam C 1, Liam M 1, Riley G
SPA: Thomas R; Te Hoera S 6, Scott B 5, Blair D 3, Antoine D 3, Frank G, Michael R, Hayden O

Other Games:
Northern Aguilas HC vs Foxton Fruitflies HC 21:21 (13:7)
Yoshi W, Stefanso H; James P 5, Jimmy C 3, Cam R 3, Max B 2, Tim B 2, Jason R 2, Karl B 2, Zac J 2, Pavlo P, Lucas G-O
FFL: Cass P; Luke I 10, Jack G 2, Gus H 2, Thomas S 2, Edmund C 2, Brendon C 1, Jack H 1, Lachy H 1, Michael F

The Hutt Valley Hunters HC (women) and the Vic Uni HC (men) had both a bye this weekend

Welcome to Season 2020

This year started a little different then all those years before.
Thank you to a worldwide pandemic, our season started very delayed but we consider ourselves very lucky with the progress we, as a country, made in New Zealand. We finally can start our league.

The Vikings have recruited a few very interesting new prospects but also the first few training sessions showed some significant improvements of our younger players too. Super exciting to start the new season

Finals day at NZ Club Champs

Sunday’s is Finals day …

Coming into Finals day, the Vikings men started off with the semi-final game versus Auckland. Both teams knowing each other well from previous years and expected a close match.
But today, the Vikings were on fire – probably the best game they played all season. The team started off very concentrated and the defence and Jimmy in goal built a concrete wall. The team built a quick lead and after 20 minutes was up with 13:3. Auckland had no answer for the Vikings defence and on the other side had also no answer for the Vikings attack.
In the end, the scoreboard showed a 42:24 Vikings win.

As the Northern Aguilas won their semifinal against the Otago team, the final was again between the Vikings and the Aguilas. The fifth time this season that both teams square up against each other.

For now, let’s talk about the Vikings women bronze match versus the Hutt Valley Baby Hunters. The game was close through all game and very questionable referee decisions had probably more impact on the outcome of that game as they should. But on the other side, that’s Handball. After all Referees are also just humans who are not perfect.
A tough 31:32 loss for the Vikings women team who would have had deserved the Bronze medal after peaking at the right time of the year at the Nationals.

Now let’s go straight to the Final – and what a final it was.
Both teams know each other exceptionally well and given the Vikings win in the Wellington League final two weeks ago, the Aguilas were keen on revenge.
The game was at all-times close, no team could really pull away and each centimetre on the court was hard fought for. At halftime the scoreboard showd a one goal lead (11:12) for the Aguilas, same as in the final two weeks ago.
The second half started like the first one finished with both teams battling each other possession by possession. The crowd was sitting on the edge of their seats and the atmosphere was loaded. Great goalkeeper saves, great individual plays were the flavour of the second half.
With 10 minutes to go the Vikings put themselves in the driver seat building a small 3 goal lead (23:20). At this stage it felt the Vikings started controlling the game but – you guessed it – the Aguilas came back and after a couple of 2 minutes suspensions the Aguilas equalised first with 60 seconds to go, and a concentration laps of the Vikings let to a turnover, a fastbreak and suddenly teh Aguilas were 23:24 up with barely 20 seconds to play. The crowd was on their feet and the Vikings had one last attack to strike back.
And boy, a miracle shot from Nico over Yoshi marked the 24:24 equalizer with 3 seconds to play. The crowd gone wild – what a game.
Now two times 5 minutes extra time and if still a draw, a penalty shootout was looming over both teams.
At this stage, you could see that both teams had played their 4th game over the last 48 hours and both teams were ready to give it all to make one more big push for the win.
The first half of overtime was almost like the calm before the storm and after 5 minutes it was 26:26.
Now, 5 minutes to go, both teams knew it was now the time to go big or go home. With 3 minutes left on the clock, Banksy scored with one of his trademark shots and gave the Aguilas the 26:27 lead.
The following attack led to another exceptional save by Yoshi but also to a penalty for the Vikings and with 1:45 mins to play the game was on the line.
And then calm and collected, Daniel made the penalty – 27:27.
Now, the Aguilas back in attack but with 60 seconds to go they turn the ball over and Nico’s quick play ahead through the hands of two Aguilas players led to a fastbreak goal by Bickie, putting the Vikings 28:27 up.
Now 40 seconds to go and a last time out for the Aguilas to talk it through.
But it was too late, the Vikings defended well and the Aguilas were unable to create one more last chance.

The Vikings are the 2019 New Zealand Club Champion!

Vikings HC - Winner photo
Back row: Miguel Aizpuru (13), Nico Piveteau (2), Harry Ireland (5), Bjoern Bengelsdorf (23), Liam Madigan (11), Paul Ireland (8), Jay Macdonald (9), Daniel Triebsch (6)
Front row: Nino DeGregorio (16), Laurin Schoppe (1), James Weston (18), Samuel Chrisp (21), Miguel Bickers (17)
Missing: James Nixon (12), Patrick Davy (15)

(photo credits @Jun Tanlayco)

What a great game to watch and worthy of a final. Both teams have deserved the win, but only one team could win. On this day and two weeks ago, we were the lucky ones. But over the last two years often enough the Aguilas were the lucky ones. Still, New Zealand Handball wins anyway, a great game to promote this awesome sport.

Also newsworthy – the Otago women team (Austago Shags) won the women final against Auckland with 27:23.
As well a very close game and a well-deserved winner.
Congratulations to Otago Handball.

(photo credits @Jun Tanlayco)

Men – stats:
Semifinal – Northern Aguilas HC vs Otago Shags HC 29:26
Yoshi W; James P (7), Nick S (6), Tim B (6), Tim R (4), James C (3), Max B (2), Cameron R (1), William S, Zac J, Alex J, Tyler W, Jono R, Pavlo P
OTA: Alex B; Magnus H (5), Aston L (5), Eoin M (4), Bernhard A (3), Ludovic G (2), Riley F (2), Akashdeep S B (2), Gus H (2), Mitchell L, Joe M, Jackson M

Semifinal – Vikings HC vs Auckland HC 42:24
James N, James W, Laurin S; Daniel T (9), Paul I (9), Miguel A (7), Alex B (4), Liam M (4), Nico P (4), Bjoern B (2), Nino D (1)< Jay M (1), Harry I (1), Sam C
AKL: Alex W, Alfonso M; Janneg S (8), Nikola I (6), Tim S (2), Roland v.d.T (2), Matias L (1), Gaston F (1), Toby S (1), Keller H (1), Thomas S (1), Ahmed M (1), Nayu K, Qassim H, Henri P. Pepe R

Place 7-9 – Spartanz HC vs Victoria University HC 27:23
Rhys M; Nick P (7), Scott B (6), Aidan C (4), Willy M (3), Te Hoera S (3), Kishore B (2), Frank G (1), Jordan G (1), Ezra S, Hayden O
VUW: Matt C (4); Felipe R (8) Freddy G (3), Sean F (3), Syloun P (2), Luke N (2), Santiago L (1), Liam A, Patrick W, Maxim C, Chris R, Fabio S

Place 5/6 – Canterbury Quakes HC vs Fruitflies HC 27:20
Justin C; Phil E (6), Peter E (6), Petr S (4), Ondreij D (4), Drew M (3), Willy S (2), Axel M (1), Nicolas G (1), James W, Hayden J, Sergiu P, Paul P, Julien P
FF: Stefanos H; Luke I (8), Michael F (2), James B (2), Josh B (2) Brendon C (2), Edmund C (1), Jack G (1), Jared P (1), Raphael C, Lachy H, Adam B

Place 7-9 – Cook Islands vs Spartanz HC 18:21
Ryan N (5), Jesse T (2), Logan A-W (2), Kavius A (2), Peteru P (2), Paul v.E (1), Peter J (1), Henry K (1), Willynn K (1), Dyrell A (1), Lucky N, Nathaniel P, Samuel P, Thomas T, Dominique K
SPA: Rhys M; Willy M (9), Scott B (4), Nick P (3), Aidan C (2), Frederic H (2), Te Hoera S (1), Ezra S, Hayden O, Frank G

Place 3/4 – Otago Shags HC vs Auckland HC 35:33
Alex B; Aston L (7), Riley F (6), Magnus H (5), Caedyn W (4), Bernhard A (3), Joe M (3), Gus H (2), Mitchell L (2), Eoin M (1), Jackson M (1), Adkashdeep S B (1), Ludovic G
AKL: Alex W, Alfonso M; Thomas S (10), Nikola I (5), Janneg S (3), Roland v.d.T (3), Pepe R (3), Gaston F (3), Matias L (2), Toby S (2), Qassim H (1), Tim S (1), Henri P, Keller H, Nayu K

Final – Vikings HC vs Northern Aguilas HC 28:27 (11:12, 24:24. 26:26)
James N, James W, Laurin S; Alex B (8), Paul I (5), Daniel T (5), Liam M (3), Nico P (2), Bjoern B (2), Miguel A (2), Harry I (1), Jay M, Nino D, Sam C
AGU: Yoshi W; Jono R (7), Zac J (5), Nick S (5), Tim B (5), Tim R (2), Max B (2), William S (1), James C, Tyler W, Alex J, Pavlo P

Women – stats
Place 7/8 – Victoria University HC / Spartanz HC vs Cook Islands 23:6
Abbey L, Jordan T; Sam G (8), Rowan M (7), Valerie C (3), Meli P (2), Paola N (2), Laura M (1), Frances B, Antonella C, Katrhleen G, Erin R-M, Vanessa M, Lottie J
CI: Dalen P (3), Shannon v.E (1), Parerima W-C (1), Tekitha T-I (1), Tiare K, Maureen K, Malee T, Rangina A, Kura S, Maxine M, Quila H, Dallas T

Place 5/6 – Canterbury Quakes HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 23:31
Tamara S; Jaclyn P (7), Florence G (6), Melissa V (4), Erika M (3), Noemie P (1), Tiffany B (1), Bec W (1), Mariel A, Danielle M
HVH: Andrea M; Hope H (7), Tahndae W (6), Ailish A (4), La W (4), Taylor G (4), Te Hau W (3), Georgia B (1), Bridget K (1), Acacia S (1), Bella A, Meghan W

Place 3/4 – Vikings HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC Juniors 31:32
Kristina H, Bridget I (8), Inga Z (7), Maddy H (6), Nele G (5), Ida P (4), Ella A (1), Charline K, Paris T-F, Maya M, Georgia M, Izzah S, Ruby O, Rosa C, Laura K
HVH-JNR: Valini V, Faith H; Ele P (7), Waimarie W (5), Kiara D (5), Aneko W (4), Brenna A (3), Mercy-Lea T-L (3), Metiria D (2), Leonie P (1), Hine L (1), Phoenix P (1), Charise P, Tawhirikura D

Final – Auckland HC vs Austago Shags HC 23:27
Chrissy M; Maëlys B (6, Sarah M (5), Leonie J (3), Helen D (3), Giuliana K (3), Milena J (2), Agnes K (1), Jule S, Asta M K, Angela L
OTA: Chi N; Alex M (7), Jessica F (7), Tess F (4), Laura P (3), Jessie W (2), Briony S (1), Kate D (1), Berna C (1), Mathilde C (1), Elizabeth T, Cassandra D, Shannen S-S

NZ Club Champs 2019
2019 NZHF Club Championships – Overview

2nd day at NZ Club Champs

On day 2 of the Nationals, the tournament went into full flight and saw a total of 18 games played across three courts. Most of the results were close which shows that the quality and depth of the tournament has increased and clearly the audience loved it.

The Vikings women faced on day 2 at first the Austago Shags, The Otago University team with some guest players from Australia. The Vikings started strong and went quickly to a 4:1 lead and until the 35th minutes, this lead kept roughly the same (15:12). Then, the Handball gods left the Vikings and over the next 15 minutes we could not put the ball in the back of the net and instead tested the durability of the goalposts. In the meantime, the opposition scored goal by goal and was suddenly 15:20 in the lead. At the end, the scoreboard showed 21:26. A well-deserved win for the Otago team but the Vikings women felt like there was more in it for them.
In the second game of the day, the Vikings women faced the Cook Islands team. Given all the other results, we couldn’t qualify for the final any more but with a 21 goal win, we had the chance to secure a place in the small final. The game started as we hoped and we were building a quick lead (6:0) in the first 10 minutes. Further along, we increased the lead (10:2, 16:4, 20:5) but we also left a lot of chances unused and as you could have known, it came down to the wire. With 5 seconds to go and a 20 goal lead (30:10), we had a penalty and yes we scored – 31:10, the exact goal difference we needed to advance into the Bronze match on Sunday.

The Vikings men team faced with the first game of the day, the Victoria University team (VUW). A known oppposition from the Wellington League and we were clearly the favourite. Given yesterday’s draw it was clear that the pool win came down to who will win with the largest goal difference against VUW, The Otago team or us.
The Vikings team started strong (6:2) but then missed out on a few too many opportunities and VUW could stay in the game until the 25th Minute (12:11). With the last sprint before halftime, the Vikings had built a 3 point goal difference (15:12).
In the second half, we knew we had to push the tempo and minimise our defensive lapses. And yes we did, our defence forced more and more turnovers and our efficiency in attack raised as well. Still, we let many scoring opportunities out and at the end, we had a 39:28 win on our site. But would that be enough?
Yes, it was, the first surprise, the Otago team won only by 7 goals against VUW (Thank you VUW!!!!!!) and second surprise of the day, the Spartanz team beat the Fruitflies. With that constellation, the Vikings were ranked 2nd best team at the end of the pool round and therefore directly qualified for Sunday’s semifinals.
After the Quarterfinals (Auckland won against Canterbury and the Otago team won against the Fruitflies), the semifinals in the men competition are Vikings vs Auckland and Northern Aguilas vs Otago.

Let’s bring on Sunday, it’s finals day!!!!

Men – results – day 2
Pool A – Vikings HC vs Victoria University HC 39:28 (18:16)
Laurin S, James W, James N; Miguel A (8), Paul I (6), Nico P (5), Daniel T (4), Liam M (4), Bjoern B (4), Nino D (2), Alex B (2), Patrick D (2), Jay M (1), Harry I (1), Sam C
VUW: Jerome L; Felipe R (8), Luke N (6), Fabia S (3), Syloun P (3), Matt C (2), Milan C (2), Chris R (1), Sean F (1), Liam A (1), Patrick W (1)< Santiago L, Freddy G, Matt S, Maxime C

Pool B – Auckland HC vs Fruitflies HC 25:26
Alex W, Alfonso M; Janneg S (11), Thomas S (3), Keller H (3), Nikola I (2), Matias L (2), Toby S (1), Henri P (1), Qassim H (1), Ahmed M (1), Nayu K, Gaston F, Tim S, Roland v.d.T, Pepe R
FF: Stefanos H, Cassius P-L; Luke I (12), Adam B (3), Max N (3), Raphael C (2), Michael F (2), Josh B (2), Brendan C (1), Lachy H (1), Edmund C, Jack G, Francis V

Pool C – Northern Aguilas HC vs Cook Islands HC 28:14
Yoshi W; Tim R (6), Nick S (6), James P (5), William S (4), Max B (4), Pavlo P (2), James C (1), Zac J, Tyler W, Jono R, Cameron R, Tim B
CI: Dyrell A (4), Paul v.E (2), Willynn K (2), Henry K (1), Jesse T (1), Kavius A (1), Peteru P (1), Logan A-W (1), Dominique K (1), Peter T-J, Ryan N, Nathaniel P, Thomas TSamuel P

Pool A – Otago Shags HC vs Victoria University HC 33:26
Alex B; Riley F (5), Gus H (5), Caedyn W (4), Bernhard A (4), Magnus H (4), Ludovic G (3), Mitchell L (2), Joe M (2), Akashdeep S B (2), Eoin M (1), Aston L (1), Jackson M
VUW: Jerome L; Felipe R (11), Luke N (6), Freddy G (3), Matt S (2), Matt C (1), Liam A (1), Seah F (1), Syloun P (1), Milan C , Santiago L, Maxime C, Chris R, Fabio S

Pool B – Spartanz HC vs Fruitflies HC 31:26
Rhys M; Nick P (7), Jordan G (7), Aidan C (6), Antoine D (5), Kishore B (3), Scott B (1), Frederic H (1), Ezra S (1), Willy M, Te Hoera S, Frank G, Hayden O
FF: Stefanos H, Cassius P-L; Luke I (7), Lachy H (6), Brendan C (4), Adam B (4), Edmund C (2), Jack G (2), Josh B (1), Raphael C, Michael F, Francis V, James B

Pool C – Canterbury Quakes HC vs Cook Islands 20:13
Justin C; Drew M (5), Phil E (3), Axel M (3), Julien P (3), Peter E (2), Hayden J (2), Willy S (1), James W (1), Ondreij D, Paul P, Nicolas G, Sergiu P, Petr S
CI: Lucky N (3), Willynn K (2), Thomas T (2), Paul v.E (1), Ryan N (1), Jesse T (1), Dyrell A (1), Kavius A (1), Nathaniel P (1), Henry K, Peter J, Samuel P, Peteru P, Logan A-W, Dominique K

Quarterfinal – Auckland HC vs Canterbury Quakes HC 23:16
Alex W, Alfonso M; Thomas S (4), Tim S (3), Matias L (3), Ahmed M (2), Janneg S (2), Toby S (2), Gaston F (2), Nikola I (2), Qassim H (1), Keller H (1), Henri P (1), Nayu K, Roland v.d.T, Pepe R
CAN: Justin C; Phil E (3), Ondreij D (3), Peter E (2), Hayden J (2), Axel M (2), Petr S (1), Willy S (1), Drew M (1), Nicolas G (1), James W, Sergiu P, Paul P, Julien P

Quarterfinal – Otago Shags HC vs Fruitflies HC 40:33
Alex B; Gus H (10), Caedyn W (5), Bernhard A (5), Aston L (4), Akashdeep S B (4), Mitchell L (3), Eoin M (3), Riley F (3), Magnus H (2), Ludovic G, Joe M
FF: Stefanos H, Cassius P-L; Luke I 13, Brendan C (7), Adam B (4), Edmund C (4), Jack G (1), Michael F (1), Jared P (1), Raph C, Lachy H, Josh B, Francis V, James B

Place 7-9 – Victoria University HC vs Cook Islands 22:21
Jerome L; Luke N (5), Felipe R (5), Matt C (5), Syloun P (3), Maxime C (2), Freddy G (1), Liam A (1), Fabio S, Patrick W, Sean F, Matt S, Milan C, Santiago L, Chris R
CI: Lucky N (6), Jesse T (5), Paul v.E (3), Ryan N (2), Willynn K (1), Dyrell A (1), Peteru P (1), Samuel P (1), Logan A-W (1), Dominique K, Nathaniel P, Thomas T, Kavius A, Henry K, Peter J

Women results
Pool A – Victoria University HC / Spartanz HC vs Auckland HC 19:23
Abbey L, Jordan T; Rowan M (7), Sam G (5), Meli P (3), Frances B (2), Valerie C (1), 小野寺遥奈 (1), Antonella C, Kathleen G, Erin R-M, Lottie J, Laura M, Paola N
AKL: Chrissy M; Guiliana K (6), Agnes K (5), Helen D (4), Maëlys B (4), Leonie J (3), Milena J (1), Angela L, Jule S, Asta M K, Sarah M

Pool A – Canterbury Quakes HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC Juniors 26:20
Tamara S; Tiffany B (5), Erika M (4), Noemie P (4), Jaclyn P (3), Florence G (3), Bec W (3), Mariel A (2), Melissa V (2), Danielle M
HVH-JNR: Valini V (4), Faith H; Kiara D (7), Waimarie W (4), Hine L (2), Mercy-Lea T-L (2), Metiria D (1), Aneko W, Brenna A, Tawhirikura D, Leonie P, Charis P, Phoenix P, ELe P

Pool B – Austago Shags HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 15:14
Chi N; Laura P (3), Jessica F (3), Alex M (2), Mathilde C (2), Tess F (2), Kate D (1), Briony S (1), Berna C (1), Jessie W, Elizabeth T, Cassandra D, Shannen S-S
HVH: Andre M; Ailish A (3), Acacia S (3), Bella A (3), La W (3), Georgia B (2), Bridget K, Hope H, Meghan W, Taylor G, Tahndae W, Te Hau W

Pool A – Canterbury Quakes HC vs Auckland HC 28:30
Tamara S; Jaclyn P (11), Noemie P (8), Florence G (3), Melissa V (2), Erika M (1), Tiffany B (1), Bec W (1), Mariel A (1), Danielle M
AKL: Chrissy M; Sarah M (7), Maëlys B (5) , Agnes K (4), Guiliana K (4), Helen D (4), Milena J (3), Leonie J (2), Asta M K (1), Jule S, Angela L

Pool B – Austago Shags HC vs Vikings HC 26:21
Chi N; Mathilde C (7), Tess F (6), Laura P (5), Alex M (5), Jessica F (2), Kate D (1), Briony S, Shannen S-S, Cassandra D, Elizabeth T, Jessie W, Berna C
VIK: Kristina H; Charline K (5), Maddy H (5), Ida P (3), Inga Z (3), Merle A (2), Bridget I (1), Paris T-F (1), Ella A (1), Nele G, Maya M, Izzah S, Ruby O, Rosa C, Laura K

Pool B – Cook Islands vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 9:25
Dalen P (4), Shannon v.E (2), Malee T (1), Maxine M 91), Paereima W-C (1), Tiare K, Maureen K, Rangina A, Kura S, Quila H, Tekitha T-I, Dallas T
HVH: Andre M; Ailish A (7), Bella A (6), Georgia B (5), La W (3), Hope H (2), Tahndae W (1), Te Hau W (1), Taylor G, Meghan W, Bridget K, Acacia S

Pool A – Victoria University HC / Spartanz HC vs Canterbury Quakes HC 25:23
Abbey L, Jordan T; Erin R-M (), Sam G (6), Rowan M (5), 小野寺遥奈 (3), Meli P (2), Frances B (1), Antonella C, Kathleen G, Valerie C, Vannessa M, Lottie J, Laura M, Paola N
CAN: Tamara S; Jaclyn P (8), Melissa V (6), Tiffany B (3), Florence G (2), Mariel A (2), Erika M (2), Danielle M, Noemie P, Bec W

Pool A – Auckland HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC Juniors 24:26 (9:12)
Chrissy M; Leonie J (6), Agnes K (6), Guiliana K (5), Sarah M (4), Maelys B (2), Milena J (1), Angela L, Helen D, Asta Marie K, Jule S
HVH JR: Valini V; Waimarie W (7), Ele Paasi (6), Brenna A (6), Aneko W (3), Hine L (1), Kiara Davidson (1), Metiria D (1), Mercy-Lea T L (1), Phoenix P, Charise P

Pool A – Vikings HC vs Cook Islands 31:10 (14:3)
Kristina H; Inga Z (9), Ida P (7), Bridget I (5), Madeleine H (3), Nele G (2), Merle A (1), Ella A (1), Paris T-F (1), Maya M, Georgia M, Izzah S, Ruby O, Rosa C, Laura K
CI: Malee T (2), Maxine M (2), Paerima W-C (2), Tekitha T-I (2), Dalen P (1), Quila H (1), Tiare K, Shannon v.E, Maureen K, Rangina A, Kura S