The Vikings Handball Club is proud to call the companies below our supporters and sponsors.

Gold Sponsor


Solity provides a mobile crisis/incident management platform that enables the effective execution and testing of your incident response and business continuity plans in case of emergencies such as earthquakes or tsunamis. The company is specialised and focused on creating a solution that will help you most when you need it most. The Solity solution brings your company the peace of mind f a first rate incident response solution that helps minimise human, reputational and financial costs during an incident or crisis by enabling quick and coordinated decision making, communication, and action, as well as providing extensive post-incident analysis.
Contact Solity if you would like to open the communications on how to improve your Crisis and Incident Response plans. The Solity team is very approachable and knowledgeable and will work with you to maximise your flexibility and decision making when it matters most.

Silver Sponsor

nomads capital

Nomads Capital is a 5-star Qualmark rated Hostel located in the heart of Wellington’s bohemian quarter. Due to its central location, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a top quality budget accommodation while visiting New Zealand’s capital and exploring the city. The hostel is voted number 3 in New Zealand as well as nominated for Best Large Hostel in the World where it placed 13th at the recent Hoscar Awards!
When you are coming the next time to Wellington stay there and you will enjoy all the benefits and maximise your time exploring what Wellington has to offer.

Cross Physio

Cross Physio & Pilates is specialised in rehabilitation, sports injuries, pain and discomfort as well as Pilates. Located in Central Wellington (New Zealand) the team of owner Gavin Cross provides outstanding service and work in helping people to deal with injuries and the often hard road of rehabilitation. Cross physio is looking after a range of sports teams and people (e.g. Wellington Saints – Basketball, Wellington Firebirds – Cricket and the Vikings Handball Club -Handball) and therefore has a proven track record of outstanding expertise in all kind of sport-specific requirements.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cross Physio & Pilates when you deal with sport specific injuries as they will get you back to what you love to do lasting for the long term.

Le Macon

Le Macon is a company dedicated to first class masonry work. Nicolas, the owner of Le Macon, is a highly trained and passionate artisan stonemason who can help you creating and restoring masonry dreams. Whether it is typical stone works utilising schist, river stone, brick or greywacke or restoration of old and existing buildings or creating new modern designs made of stone or concrete, Nicolas will deliver an expert result.
Don’t hesitate to contact Nicolas for any enquiries or questions.

Bronze Sponsor

About three years ago Jack Candlish combined his love of woodwork with a passion for surfing and started producing wooden surfboards.
Organic Dynamic produces sustainable wooden surf craft and develops systems that will enable other shapers to use alternative materials. The overall goal of the company is to enable surfboard manufacturers to produce stronger boards, from materials that are better for the environment.
If you love surfing and care about the environment than Jack is the right person to get in contact with. He can build you your dream surfboard or he even offers workshops in which you can build your own dream surfboard with provisional guidance from him.
Contact Jack via his website for any questions.

The Trilogy of Health Living was founded by Helen Jackson. Besides having a career in accounting, Helen is really passionate about health and healthy living. Her passion led her to a degree in Health Science and she loves to help people achieving better health outcomes, for them to feel more empowered and more in control of their lives. She started her own journey in 2014 and can utilise her own experiences to motivate people during their journey becoming a better version of themselves. Helen is easy to approach, very positive and a blessing to be around.
If you are interested in living healthier and need help changing your mindset into the right lanes, please contact Helen.

Equipment Sponsor


The Sportfabrik is a sports equipment store based in Leipzig (Germany) and specialised in Handball gear. The friendly staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable. As most of the staff are active or former Handball players as well they really know what they are talking about. The Vikings are very happy to have the Sportfabrik Team on board!

Become as well a Partner of the Vikings Handball Club

The Vikings Handball Club is always looking for new partners and sponsors. Please get in touch with us and we the Vikings can boost your exposure and help your brand to gain maximum exposure.
We are offering different sponsor packages that enable us to tailor a package for you to maximise your benefits.
Email us to vikingshc@gmail.com and we will get in touch with you.


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