Vikings Men

In 2017, the Vikings have grown further and we are able to enter two men teams into the Wellington League competiton.

We are also aiming to enter team(s) into the North Island Championships (Palmerston North, 29th April 2017) and into the NZ Club Championships (Wellington, 15th – 17th September 2017).

Team pictures:


In 2017, the Vikings had enough players to enter two teams into the Wellington League. It was decided to support growth and development and therefore to even the strength of both teams as best as possible.

Vikings Danes

Back row (left to right): Jack Gallagher (4), Todd Anderson (3), Luke Ireland (8), Angus Hazelton (21), Alexander Bickers (17)
Front row (left to right): Paul Ireland (16), Loan Valton (1), Harry Ireland (5)
Missing: Josh Petersen (19), Petr Holic (1), Riley Grice, Thomas Scott, Angus Stallman, Lachlan Harrison, Tim Rowe

Vikings Norse

Back row (left to right): Nicolas Piveteau (2), Samuel Keegan (10), Rakesh Kumar (5), PJ Garner (4), Daniel Triebsch (6)
Front row (left to right): Pierre Tellier (19), Wagner Ishikawa (3), Cassius Papera (12), James Weston (18), Miguel Aizpuru (20), Michael McKay (14)
Missing: Emmanuel Nagoor (9)



top (left to right):
Nico Piveteau, Riley Grice, Samuel Keegan, Daniel Triebsch, Emmanuel Nagoor, Angus Hamilton, Jack Gallagher
bottom (left to right):
James Weston, Pierre Tellier, Petr Holic, Todd Anderson, Luke Ireland
Thomas Scott, Harry Ireland, Paul Ireland


top (left to right):
Luke Ireland, Samuel Keegan, Emmanuel Nagoor, Harry Ireland, Ben Potaka, Daniel Triebsch

bottom (left to right):
Pierre Tellier, Fred Han, Todd Anderson, Petr Holic, Antonino DeGregorio, Jack Gallagher

Nico Piveteau, Soeren Wieland, Josh Potaka, Sam Gallagher, Raphael Chanel


top (left to right):
Luke Ireland, Stefan Fenger, Michael Welter, Sam Keegan, Jason Roche, Daniel Triebsch

bottom (left to right):
Pierre Tellier, Alfonso Manella, James Weston, Julien Kerebel, Jun Burden

Fabien Liegard, Johannes Nestler, Daniel Reupke, Jordane Rouyer, Nico Piveteau, Alexis Girard, Matthias Herzog


top (left to right):
Matthias Herzog, Sam Keegan, Daniel Triebsch, Simon Hoebel, James Nixon, Stefan Bleiler, Anthony Nansen, Richard Gribbon

bottom (left to right):
Martin Klimsa, Lachlan Harrison, Andrzej Litwinowicz, Raul Golubkov, Michael Welter, Stefan Fenger

Matthias Lodemann, Kristjan Korman, Dylan Shacker, Marcus Koll