Handball in Schools – Program

The Vikings Handball Club proudly supports:

Boys  Girls  Girls
Scots College II Samuel Marsden College II wellington-girls-college
Scots College Samuel Marsden College Wellington Girls College 
Coach Sam Keegan Coach Daniel Triebsch Coach James Weston


The Vikings Handball Club is very dedicated to developing the game of Handball in the Wellington Region and therefore involved with a number schools.

If you are interested in being supported by the Vikings Handball Club, please contact us directly (email vikingshc@gmail.com) and we will get in contact with you.

The support we will provide to your school are coaches, equipment (balls) and a chance for school players (year 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s and 13s) to test their Handball skills by playing in different Wellington competitions in term 2 and term 3 (April to September).

Handball Wellington organizes a competition for Junior and Senior School teams. Hereby the Seniors are playing in Term 1 and the Juniors in Term 4. That doesn’t exclude that there could be also competitions for Juniors in Term 1 and competitions for Juniors and Seniors in Term 2 and Term 3, but that will depend on the interest and further development of Handball in Wellington.

There are also the New Zealand Secondary School National Championships for Seniors at the end of the term 1 and for Juniors at the end of term 4.
More information about that competition you can find on the College Sports website.

In addition, Wellington Handball and the New Zealand Handball Federation are providing each year opportunities for young players (Under 18) to represent either Wellington or New Zealand at international tournaments (all over the World). Information about the annual opportunities are usually provided at the beginning of term 1.