The Vikings Handball Club was originally founded in 2007 and called Ballermann 007.
The original team was one of the founding clubs of the Wellington Handball League and contained of 9 Germans.

Founding members were:
Ashby, Peter
Bock, Lars
Bulla, Jan
Herzog, Matthias
Huelsmann, Christoph
Mengwasser, Stefan
Stoltenberg, Frank
Triebsch, Daniel
van Raamsdonk, Thomas

In 2010 the club were renamed to Vikings Handball Club and the squad changed quite dramatically in compare to 2007 as only founding members Matthias and Daniel were still with the team in 2010. All other founding members left New Zealand, stopped playing or moved to another club.

Following the renaming the Vikings Handball Club focused more on breeding homegrown talent supporting heavily Schools around Wellington developing Handball by providing coaches. In addition the Vikings are well known for nurturing a quite international environment that is welcoming everyone with open arms.

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