2016 – Summary

2016 was one of the most successful years of the Vikings Handball Club.

In 2016 we had 25 club members and through the beginner league round about 12 new players giving Handball a try and as far we can say – enjoyed it a lot.

The Vikings men team was very successful in 2016 by winning first the Wellington Handball League and then also winning the inaugural 1st (official) New Zealand Club Championship.

The Vikings women team was not as successful looking at the game results but given the team’s youthfulness (average 17 years of age) with the majority of the team being new to Club Handball level, we did very well.

At the second part of the season, the Wellington Handball Federation kicked off a Beginner League on the back of the Olympics, which proved to be very successful in regards to attracting new players for women and men. The Vikings entered here as well a women and a men team and has seen very talnted new people trying out Handball. Some of them will be joining the club official in 2017.