Game Day 1 – 2020

First competitive games of the season, and the first two wins. Both, the Vikings women and the Vikings men teams starting successful into the 2020 Season.

The Vikings women kicked off the league in a game versus the Spartanz women. The Vikings started off strong and built quickly a 4:1 lead. The team still struggled a little with the team play, but on an individual level it was clear that the Vikings had more depth on each position and used it to their advantage. At halftime, we were leading with a comfortable 11:4.
In the second half, we prepared for a push from the Spartanz who fought til the last second, but our girls pushed back and won comfortably with 23:9.
Having more depth this year will definitely a big plus and hopefully lead to a few more wins and a shot on winning the Wellington title.

Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 23:9 (11:4)
VIK: Abbey L, Kristina H; Nele G 6, Maddie S 3, Ruby O 3, Maddy H 2, Susan I 2, Maja B 2, Ella A 2, Amelia M 1, Sam G 1, Izzah S 1, Michaela J, Georgia M
SPA: Jordan T; Emily T 5, Francesca G 1, Taylor N 1, Meli P 1, Paola N 1, Lottie J, Erin R-M, Chrissy M, Laura M, Antinella C

In the men competition, the same clubs, Vikings and Spartanz faced off against each other to kick off the 2020 season.
The Vikings started strong with a quick 4:0 but then allowed the Spartanz to have a breather when we missed some great scoring opportunities. The Spartanz took advantage of that and stayed in the game (5:3, 8:7, 11:11).
Over the last five minutes of the first half, the Vikings finally were able to pull a tiny bit away to go with a 16:12 into the halftime break.
In the second half, the deeper bench and the individual advantages of the Vikings players came more into consideration and the Vikings men were building goal by goal on a larger lead (20:14, 25:16) and at the end won with 33:17.

Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 33:17 (16:12)
James W; Paul I 8, Nico P 8, Alex B 4, Ben P 3, Harry I 3, Torven S 2, Patrick D 2, Felippe R 1, Sam C 1, Liam M 1, Riley G
SPA: Thomas R; Te Hoera S 6, Scott B 5, Blair D 3, Antoine D 3, Frank G, Michael R, Hayden O

Other Games:
Northern Aguilas HC vs Foxton Fruitflies HC 21:21 (13:7)
Yoshi W, Stefanso H; James P 5, Jimmy C 3, Cam R 3, Max B 2, Tim B 2, Jason R 2, Karl B 2, Zac J 2, Pavlo P, Lucas G-O
FFL: Cass P; Luke I 10, Jack G 2, Gus H 2, Thomas S 2, Edmund C 2, Brendon C 1, Jack H 1, Lachy H 1, Michael F

The Hutt Valley Hunters HC (women) and the Vic Uni HC (men) had both a bye this weekend