NZ Regional Championships 2019

This last weekend, the Wellington League was on break while the NZHF has invited all regions to compete at the New Zealand Regional Championships in Christchurch.

First of all, huge thank you to Canterbury Handball for organising and running the event. Without those volunteers working relentlessly to create an awesome tournament.

NZ Handball community at NZ Regional Champs 2019
NZ Handball community at NZ Regional Champs 2019

You will probably ask now”how did it go?” and from a Wellington perspective, it went great. Both Wellington teams won all their games and therefore are the big winners of the tournament.
While the men team dominated each competition, the women games were a bit closer but still the Wellington girls came out on top.
The Wellington region is blessed with such an amount of talent and work done by volunteers to keep growing, and at this tournament, you could see that all the hard work led to success.
But all other participating regions – Auckland, Canterburry and Otago – showed also that Handball is growing in their regions and that they were there to compete.

Results – Men
Canterbury B vs Otago 44:25
Auckland vs Canterbury A 34:25
Wellington vs Canterbury B 47:19
Auckland vs Otago 53:25
Wellington vs Canterbury A 44:27
Auckland vs Canterbury B 38:29
Wellington vs Otago 52:27
Canterbury A vs Canterbury B 36:25
Wellington vs Auckland 38:21
Canterbury B vs Otago 42:20

  1. Wellington – 8 points, +87
  2. Auckland – 6 points, +29
  3. Canterbury A – 4 points, +7
  4. Canterbury B – 2 points, -29
  5. Otago – 0 points, -94

Results – women
Canterbury vs Auckland/Otago 28:22
Wellington vs Auckland/Otago 24:14
Wellington vs Canterbury 28:26
Canterbury vs Auckland/Otago 30:18
Wellington vs Auckland/Otago 24:18
Wellington vs Canterbury 26:18

  1. Wellington – 8 points, +26
  2. Canterbury – 4 points, +8
  3. Auckland/Otago – 0 points, -34

Congratulations to all Vikings players who represented Wellington!
Paul Ireland, Harry Ireland, Miguel Aizpuru, Alexander Bickers, Madeleine Hazelton, Michaela Jensen, Inga Zuzevičiūtė

Team Wellington 2019 - women
Team Wellington 2019 at the NZ Regional Championships (women)
Back row (left to right): Coach Fred Han, Laura Macready, Taylor Noble , Maddy Hazelton, Bella Anastasiou, Michaela Jensen, Valerie Chan, Erin Roxburgh, Maddie Stephen
Front row (left to right): La Winitana, Meli Plit, Inga Zuzevičiūtė, Abbey LÉstrange, Rowan Moloughney, Kathleen Griffin
Team Wellington 2019 - men
Team Wellington 2019 at the NZ Regional Championships (men)
Back row (left to right): Coach Daniel Triebsch, Harry Ireland, Tim Rayner, Paul Ireland, Scott Balmforth, Nicholas Potter, Antoine Desnos, Jack Gallagher
Front row (left to right): Tim Banks, Alexander Bickers, Thomas Roxburgh, Yoshi Watanabe, Miguel Aizpuru, James Cochrane
Missing: Luke Naylor

Summary NZ Club Champs 2017

The 2017’s New Zealand Club Champs were hosted by the Wellington Handball Community and played at the ASB Sports Stadium.

The Vikings Handball Club entered one men and one women team into the competition, with the men team aiming for repeating their title from last year, and with the women team focusing on developing further their team play and hoping to pick up a few wins on the way.

Let’s start with the Vikings women team.
The team started with lots of players unable to attend due to injuries, sickness and other reasons, so the actual squad on day one of the tournament was minimal. The team though played hard and fought brave each game, unfortunately the women team wasn’t able to win any of the games.

Vikings HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 16:39
Jensen; Maddy 7, Laura 4, Bridget 2, Siri 1, Ellie 1. Hannah 1, Taye
Vikings HC vs Sparkz 13:24
Jensen; Maddy 7, Bridget 4, Laura 2, Siri 2, Sue 1, Hannah, Te Mapihi, Taye, Jane
Vikings HC vs Otago Uni HC 19:26
Jensen; Maddy 7, Laura 6. Bridget 5, Te Mapihi 1, Taye, Hannah, Siri, Sue
Vikings HC vs Vic Uni Ravens HC 17:29
Jensen; Maddy 6, Bridget 4, Te Mapihi 3, Nina 3, Hannah 1, Siri, Taye, Sue

The Vikings men team started already on Friday night and looked forward to compete in a group of five teams and three of those five teams (including the Vikings) were expected to be up there playing for the tournament win. With such strong competition it was clear every game counts and also potentially the goal difference.
The team started very well with wins over the Vic Uni B team, the Brisbane Wolves and the Spartanz. On Sunday morning though, the team faced the Canterbury Quakes who was unbeaten until this game too and so the winner of this game will proceed to the final.
That was worst possible time on Sunday morning 8 am for the Vikings men to collectively didn’t play to their potential but congratulations to the Quakes who played very well and deserved to progress to the final.
In the small final the Vikings played better and secured the third place in the 2017 National Club Champs.

Vikings HC vs Vic Uni HC B 45:15
James, Cassius; Daniel 9, Paul 8 Todd 7, Jack 6, Harry 5, Alex 5, Miguel 3, Angus 1, Luke 1, Riley
Vikings HC vs Brisbane Wolves HC 30:27
James, Cassius; Luke 10, Daniel 5, Riley 4, Harry 4, Jack 2, Miguel 2, Todd 1, Alex 1, Sam 1, Paul, Angus
Vikings HC vs Spartanz 36:21
James, Cassius; Angus 6, Alex 6, Luke 5, Todd 5, Riley 4, Harry 3, Miguel 2, Jack 2, Sam 2, Paul 1
Vikings HC vs Canterbury Quakes HC 18:27
James, Cassius; Luke 6, Todd 3, Daniel 2, Angus 2, Jack 1, Harry 1, Sam 1, Miguel 1, Alex 1 
Vikings HC vs Auckland Pirates HC 38:30
James, Cassius; Luke 10, Daniel 7, Jack 5, Todd 5, Alex 5, Miguel 4, Sam 1, Harry 1, Angus

Overall it was a great tournament, seeing so many players and teams from across the country and also having an Australian club team there was awesome. James Weston, one of the mens goalkeeper won the “Goalkeeper of the tournament” award and Vikings players are ranked in both scorer lists within the Top 10 (Women – Maddy 5th, Bridget 10th; Men – Luke 3rd, Daniel 6th & Todd 9th).
It was also great to see that a lot of our young club members have blossomed during the games and improved further skills and confidence on the Handball court, well done both teams!!!

Also congratulations to the Northern Aguilas HC who won the men competition and the Vic Uni Ravens HC who won the women competition.
Both teams played great tournaments and can call themselves now the official NZ Club Champions 2017.

All detailed results you can find under “Competitions 2017/NZ Club Championships 2017”

Wellington women winning NZ Regionals 2017 with 3 Vikings players + Vikings Coach

Congratulations to the Wellington Women team who won the NZ Regionals last weekend in Auckland.
Three Vikings players were part of the winning squad – Congratulations!!!

While the Wellington Women team won, the Wellington Men fought hard and achieved a 4th place, just outside of the medal ranks.
Congratulations to Auckland for winning the men competition.

NZ Regionals 2017 - Wellington all

Both Wellington Rep teams (men and Women) at the NZ Regionals 2017 — Back Row (left to right): Willy, Sean, Shyam, Luke, Ocean, Scott, Nick, Thomas, Daniel — Middle Row (left to right): Nico, Tom, Aleksa, Maddy, Bridget, Ida, Abbey — Front Row (left to right): Claire, Kathleen, Chrissy, Emily, Maddie, Hannah, Maja


Vikings men won Massey Open 2017

First competition of the season and the first win.

Though this tournament wasn’t about winning, it was about giving all Vikings players a good start into the 2017 indoor season. The Vikings entered two men teams and one women team with a total of 26 Vikings players. Thanks to Rowan from the Massey Uni Handball Club and some of her friends from the Army who joined the Vikings women squad to give Handball a go.

The men competition consisted of eight men teams and the women competition of four women teams. Congrats to all teams and players who participated and a huge thank you to the Massey University Handball Club for organising another great tournament.

Next stop – start of the Wellington “4on4” league in two weeks.

Palmy 2017 - Women - Vikings

Massey Open 2017 at Palmerston North Vikings (women)

Palmy 2017 - Men - Vikings A

Massey Open 2017 at Palmerston North – Vikings A (men)

Palmy 2017 - Men - Vikings B

Massey Open 2017 at Palmerston North – Vikings B (men)