finally new team pictures …

First we needed a while to get our new playing kit sorted and printed, then we needed another while to get the majority of the teams together and finally here are the latest team pics.

Vikings HC – Women

Back row (left to right): Nina Stollberg (10), Siri Kolbeinsen (15), Michael Jensen (1), Laura Albiston (4), Madeleine Hazelton (5), Bridget Ireland (8), Daniel Triebsch (Coach)
Front row (left to right): Hannah Chapman (7), Amelie Krewel (9), Paris Tuimaseve-Fox (16), Taye Lewis (17)
Missing: Julia Kanning, Hannah Koeck, Te Mapihi Tutua-Nathan, Marie Rusch, Malin Suler

Vikings HC Norse – Men

Back row (left to right): Nicolas Piveteau (2), Samuel Keegan (10), Rakesh Kumar (5), PJ Garner (4), Daniel Triebsch (6)
Front row (left to right): Pierre Tellier (19), Wagner Ishikawa (3), Cassius Papera (12), James Weston (18), Miguel Aizpuru (20), Michael McKay (14)
Missing: Emmanuel Nagoor (9)

Vikings HC Danes – Men

Back row (left to right): Jack Gallagher (4), Todd Anderson (3), Luke Ireland (8), Angus Hazelton (21), Alexander Bickers (17)
Front row (left to right): Paul Ireland (16), Loan Valton (1), Harry Ireland (5)
Missing: Josh Petersen (19), Petr Holic (1), Riley Grice, Thomas Scott, Angus Stallman, Lachlan Harrison, Tim Rowe


Congratulations to all Vikings players (women and men) who were selected for the Age group Wellington Rep teams who are going to compete at the Australian Junior National Champs at the Gold Coast (Runaway Bay) in late July 2016.

Vikings women in Wellington U18:
Bridget Ireland, Georgia Bell, Hannah Chapman, Hannah O’Connor, Josie Dixon, Laura Albiston, Sasha Gray, Tahndae Wyatt, Tamara Baker, Te Mapihi Tutua-Nathan

Vikings men in Wellington U 18:
Angus Hazelton, Jared Peterson, Paul Ireland, Riley Grice, Thomas Scott

Vikings men in New Zealand u21:
Emmanuel Nagoor, Jack Gallagher, Josh Peterson, Luke Ireland

Former Vikings players also selected:
Harry Ireland

Good Luck to all 20 Vikings players!!!!

New Players …

We are still looking for new players for our women and men team. The Vikings teams are welcoming everyone regardless of experience and nationality.

Please contact if you are interested and we will be in contact with you shortly after.

Let’s get started in 2016

Hi all,

Welcome to the new Handball Season in 2016.

We will start next week with outdoor trainings and the week after also indoors.

I am still waiting on confirmation of dates for the upcoming Wellington League etc, but in the meantime we surely should start getting ready.

Every new player (female or male, young or old) is welcome to come along and have a go.

Ongoing Season

Hi all,

My apologies for the lack on updates over the last couple of months. The website is now up to date again with all results and statistics.

So far both, our men and women team, are competing as expected looking at the results.

Looking at how we play the men team showed great improvements over the last 4-5 games which are a result of the committment from each player to the team by attending games and especially attending almost every training. The team started to play as a team and that shows specifically in attack where the team is capable of out-playing the oppsoite defence. Unfortuntely the team is still to inconsistent with the efforts and energy given but that was expected with a high turnover of players from last year to this year and with the two most experienced players still ahvent played any game this season.

For the women team the situation is a bit different due to challenges of some girls to attend the trainings due to other committments and therefore chances are missed to improve the team game. But we have picked up a few new players who show great talent and determination on the court. Moving forward I hope we will pick up a few new players through the school league which will enable a higher turnout at trainings and therefore a faster improvement pace of the team.

The Season goes now in it’s final stage with follwing milestones:

1) 9th August – Auckland Tournament
2) 24th August – Wellington League3) 31st August – Wellington League
4) 7th September – Wellington League
5) 14th September – Wellington League
6) 20th/21st September – New Zealand Secondary School Champs (in Wellington)
7) 27th/28th September – Wellington Tournament