“Das Horn von Triebsch” – Trophy

On Sunday, the 16th June started the official inaugural “The Horn von Triebsch” competition between the Vikings Handball Club and the Fruit Flies Handball Club.

The Trophy was donated by the Ireland family and established to celebrate the friendly rivalry between the Vikings and Fruit Flies.
The trophy is named after Daniel Triebsch for his contribution in developing players on both teams over the last 8 years, especially given that all four Ireland siblings and the Irland clan mother (Sue) played for the Vikings.

Earlier in 2019, Luke Ireland and Jack Gallagher, two Vikings cornerstones in recent years decided to not just talking about growing Handball and actually doing it by founding a new Wellington-based club called Fruitflies Handball Club. As part of this new club, the Fruitflies team convinced some new players as well as some semi-retired players to join forces and to go on a new exciting journey together.

Back Row (left to right): James Berry, Luke Ireland, Tim Rowe, Brendan Courtney, Jack Gallagher
Front row (left to right): Michael Fenton, Raphael Cuerto, Francisco Verbo, Edmund Chrisp
Missing: Stefano Hills. Lachlan Harrison, Emmanual Nagoor

While the Vikings are sad to let Luke, Jack and the others go, as a club we are all about growing Handball and developing players, and the Fruitflies project is an instrumental step forward.

Good Luck Fruitflies Handball Club.