3rd Game Day

The Wellington league is in full flight.

On Game day three the Vikings team faced new challenges, while the Vikings women faced the newly formed NZ U17 team, the Vikings men awaited the return of the lost sons.

With the second game of the season, the Vikings women welcomed the NZ U17 team. The newly NZ U17 team is preparing for the IHF Continental Trophy (August 2019), and uses the Wellington League as a building block to optimise the preparation for it. We will face also our own player, Paris, in the NZ U17 team, who was selected and loaned out for the season. Today also we were able to welcome newcomers Inga Z and Lizzy S.
The Girls started ok into the game (2:2) but then some adjustments in the NZ U17 defence limited our further success. Until halftime, we fought hard and trying to minimise turnovers and limiting the opposition’s fastbreaks – halftime score (7:18).
In the second half, we managed to improve on our first half, but the very physical U17 team was on that day too good for us. Final result 16:34.
The highlight of the day was Hannah C’s comeback after a long injury break.

In the men’s 3rd game of the season, we faced the FruitFlies, a new Handball Club in town, created by former Vikings players Luke and Jack/
Given that Luke’s siblings and Jack’s partner are still die-hard Vikings, this promised to be an interesting match up.
In addition, a generous club supporter of both clubs – the one and only David Ireland – has sponsored a Trophy to be known as “The Horn of Triebsch”. This should make each game between both clubs extra spicy and hopefully leads to fierce competition in the best possible spirits.
Ok, now to the game, it started with another comeback of the goalie legend Petr H, who was out for over 2 seasons because of injuries.
The start of the game went as expected for the Vikings team with a quick lead (7:4). While the Vikings clearly dominated the game, the FruitFlies showed grid and stayed in the game while punishing the focus lapses of the Vikings and with a few seconds to go in the first half, they equalised the score (15:15).
The 2nd half started as the first one and the Vikings were able to build a lead (21:18, 27:22). This time the Vikings were more focused and kept the FruitFlies on distance with a final score of 36:33.
The Vikings emerged as the first winner of the “The Horn of Triebsch” – trophy. It’s a given that the Fruitflies are eager to win the Trophy in the next match-up between both teams.

here a little impressions video (thank to the legend Jun Tanlayco)

Stats – Men
Uni HC B vs Spartanz HC 24:33 
VUW B: William R; Felipe R (9). Freddy G (5), Matt S (4), Milan C (3), Sebastian H (3), Tom C, Patrick W
Spartanz: Thomas R, Rhys M; Scott B (8), Sam G (7), Willy M (4), Travis S (4), Nick P (3), Antoine D (2), Frank G (2), Toby S (2), Tom R (1), Hayden O  

Vikings HC vs Fruit Flies HC 36:33
Vikings: Petr H, James W, Laurin S; Miguel A (7), Nico P (6), Paul I (6), Daniel T (5), Alex B (4), Harry I (4), Liam M (3), Michael M (1), Jay M, Samuel C 
FruitFlies: Jack G; Luke I (9), Tim R (7), James B (5), Brendan C (5), Edmund C (4), Raphael C (2), Michael F (1), Francisco V, David I

Vic Uni HC A vs Norther Aguilas HC 23:29  
VUW A: William R; Luke N (8), Lars H (5), Fabio S (4), Sean F (3), Felipe R (1), Milan C (1), Alban N (1). Daniel S-S, Jason R, Subvan P
Aguilas: Yoshi; James P (6), Tim B (4), Max B (4), William S (4), James C (3), Tim R (3), Alex (2), Lucas G-O (1), Oscar B-P (1), Tyler W (1), Jono R, Cameron R, Zac J

Stats – Woman
Hutt Valley Hunters HC – BYE

Vikings HC vs NZ U17 16:34
Lizzie S, Kristina H; Inga Z (8), Maddy H (5), Ella A (1), Ruby O (1), Izza S (1), Michaela L, Georgia M, Hannah C, Maya M
NZ U17: Faith H; Eleminoti P (11), Breanna A (6), Aneko W (5), Waimarie W (4), Paris T-F (3), Metria D (2), Clare T (2), Valini V (1)

Victoria University HC vs Spartanz HC 22:8
VUW: Abbey L; Sam G (10), Meli P (5), Antonella C (2), Sophie T (2), Nina (2), Valerie C (1), Kathleen G
Spartanz: Megan W; Erin R-M (4), Paola N (2), Rowan M (1), Taylor N (1), Courtney J, Elise G, Lottie J, Laura M, Hanne dR