2nd game of the season

Everyone knows in Wellington, Sunday afternoon/evening is Handball time!

The last Sunday (9th June 2019), both Vikings teams had games scheduled and the women’s game was their first of the season.
The Vikings women have overhauled the squad for this season, including 10 new players. Unfortunately, some were away and therefore only a squad of 8 could play on Sunday. In the first game the team faced the Hutt Valley Hunters with former Vikings Bella Anastasiou. The game started exciting, both teams fought on each possession and no team could build a bigger lead until 5 minutes to halftime (2:2, 5:5, 8:8 – 9:11). Halftime score 10:13 lead for the Hunters.
In the second half, the Vikings women played a deep price for their inexperience and the Hunters women were able to capitalise from their experience from three National team players.
The Vikings team fought but over the stations of 10:16, 10:20, 11:25 to the final result of 12:28.
That was not the nicest welcome to 6 new players but we have to start somewhere.

The Vikings men faced this Sunday the Spartanz team. As often in the past, the Vikings were clear the favourite team and the Spartanz were determined to shake things up.
As usual, the Vikings started slow (1:4) but then kicked into higher gears (6:6, 10:10, 13:12) but reoccurring unforced turnovers and a few missed goal opportunities kept the Spartanz in the game until halftime – 16:16.
The coach of the Vikings made clear halftime that we need to increase our concentration and keep playing our fast powerful brand of Handball in order to earn the W.
In the second half, the team played with more focus and started pulling away from the Spartanz (20:17, 24:18) but then little things prevent us from pulling away even further until the end of the game (30:24, 34:28).
As the final whistle sounded through the stadium, the scoreboard showed a well deserved 38:32 for the Vikings team.
On a side note – in compare to last week, we had a full bench and the impact it had on our ability to keep the tempo up was clearly visible.

Stats – Men
Fruit Flies HC vs Vic Uni HC A 45:29
Fruit Flies: Stefano H; Tim R (14), Luke I (10), Raphael Q (6), Jack G (6), Brendan C (5), James B (3). Michael F (1). Francsico V
VUW A: George G; Lars H (7), Alban N (5), Fabio S (5), Subvan P (4), Sean F (3), Daniel S-s (2), Ben A (1), Felipe R (1), Patrick W, Matt S, Freddy G

Vic Uni HC B vs Northern Aguilas HC 8:46
VUW B: George G; Pato (4), Sebastian H (1), Freddy G (1), Matt S (1), Milan C (1), Santiago L, Patrick W, Subvan P, Maric F, Tom C
Aguilas: Yoshi; Tim B (9), James P (6), James C (6), Max B (5), Lucas G-O (4), Cameron R (4) Jono R (3) Tim R (2), William S (2), Zac J (2), Tyler W (1), Alex (1), Oscar B, Pavlo P

Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 38:32
Vikings: James W, Laurin S; Nico P (9), Daniel T (8), Paul I (7), Alex B (4), Michael M (3), Miguel A (2), Harry I (2), Liam M (2), Riley G (1), Jay M, Samuel C
Spartanz: Thomas R, Rhys M; Toby S (8), Willy M (6), Nick P (6), Antoine D (6), Scott B (3), Frank G (1), Hayden O (1), jack (1), Tom R

Stats – Woman
Vic Uni HC – BYE

Spartanz HC vs NZ U17 20:24
Spartanz: Jordan T; Rowan M (6), Erin R-M (6), Paola N (4), Elise G (3), Taylor N (1), Laura M
NZ U17: Faith H; Breanna A (6), Paris T-F (5), Anneka W (4), Annalise W (3), Metiria D (3), Valini V (2)

Vikings HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 12:28
Vikings: Michaela L; Maddy H (7), Izzah S (2), Ruby O (1), Maya M (1), Georgia M (1), Rosa C, Tessa M
HVH: Tryla; Bella A (10), La W (7), Thandae W (4), Acacia S (3), Bridget K (3), Hope H (1), Emily M