4th Game Day

Tonight both Vikings teams – women and men – faced the equivalent Victoria University teams.
While the Vikings men were the clear favourite in their matchup, the Vic Uni women were the favourites in the other matchup.

The women started ok as the team created good scoring opportunities, but our shooting efficiency was letting us a little bit down and so Vic Uni jumped to a quick 1:5 lead. Over the rest of the first half, the same scenario applied and on top of it the girls found themselves a lot in fastbreak defence. Vic Uni was ice cold in converting their chances and build a 4:18 lead at halftime. Little downside was the rolled ankle from Inga, we hope it turns out fine and that we can see her soon back on court.
In the second half, the Vikings Coach asked his girls to forget the first half and to focus on a strong second half which we wanted to win. And the game took a turn, the Vikings girls fought back and were mostly leading the second half score until the very last end with Vic Uni equalizing (9:9) the second half score. The final score was 13:27.
Huge improvements were made in generating chances, but the two biggest weakness that we will need to work on will be shooting and defense!

The Vikings men had today a few players missing (Nico, Alex, Michael, Bjoern, Laurin) but also welcomed Gussy and Will to their season debuts.
The game started well with the Vikings pushing for a quick 7:5 lead, though Vic Uni fought back and caused a few turnovers, to equalize halfway through the 1st half (12:12). Some changes in the line-up and a better-functioned defence led to a 19:14 score in favour for the Vikings.
The second half started with a firework by Vic Uni who erased the Vikings lead within 7 min (21:21, 24:24) and the game was back in heavy contention. Following on, the Vikings battled and started pulling away again (26:24, 30:25, 32:26) and brought the came home. The final score was a 38:30 win.
After 4 games, we have seen a Vikings team which is keeping a cool head in close games, but also has to fix up their defence so the games might be not as close at all times. In addition, having Petr, Gussy, and Will back will help to build further depth in the team and also gives our team more options and variations moving forward.

Stats – Men
Northern Aguilas HC  vs Spartanz HC 44:20
Aguilas: Yoshi; James C (6), Oscar B-P (5), Tim B (5), Alex J (5), James P (4), William S (4), Jono R (4), Cameron R (3), Tim R (2), Pavlo P (2), Tyler W (1), Max B (1), Jarvis (1), Lucas O-G (1)
Spartanz: Rhys M; Antoine D (6), Scott B (5), Toby S (4), Frank G (3), Willy M (2), Sam G, Hayden O, Tom R, Tim, Te Hoera

Vikings HC vs Victoria University HC A 38:30 
Vikings: Petr H, James W; Paul I (9), Daniel T (7), Miguel A (5), Riley G (4), Liam M (4), Angus H (3), Harry I (3), Jay M (2), Will O (1), Samuel C
VUW A: George G; Luke N (8), Felipe R (5), Alba N (4), Lars H (4), Sean F (3), Jason R (3), Fabio S (2), Freddy G (1), Milan C, Daniel S-S, Syloun P

Fruit Flies HC vs Victoria University HC B  33:18
Fruit Flies: Stafanos; Jack G (9), Luke I (8), Brendan M (7), Edmund C (7), Jared P (2), David I
VUW B: George G; Daniel S-S (6), Felipe R (5), Syloun P (3), Freddy G (3), Milan C (1), Tom C, Santiago L

Stats – Woman
Spartanz HC – BYE

Vikings HC vs Victoria University HC 13:27
 Kristina H; Maddy H (7), Inga Z (3), Lizzie B (3), Georgia M, Ruby O, Izzah S, Ella A, Tessa M
VUW: Abbey L, Chrissy M; Sam G (10), Sophia T (7), Meli P (5), Francis (3), Valerie (1), Antonella (1), Kathleen G

Hutt Valley Hunters HC vs NZ U17 28:20
Andrea; La W (15), Ailish A (12), Acacia S (1), Taylor G, Hope H, Bridget K, Phoenix P, Thandae W
NZ U17: Faith H; Anneko W (5), Eleminioti P (4), Paris T-F (4), Mercy-Lea T-L (2), Waimarie W (2), Tawhirikura D (2). Breanna A (1), Valini V, Kiara-Leigh D