League Day 9

Another Sunday, another day of Handball.

Both Vikings teams – women and men – faced today teams from Victoria University.

The women started off the day and we finally had almost everyone available to play, only our injured players weren’t playing.
The game started off pretty well for us and we were playing good Handball in the attack. In that phase, our defence was a bit passive and allowed too many easy scoring opportunities for the opposition and therefore we were unable to build a lead. Instead, the women from Vic Uni were building a small lead until halftime.
The trend of an improved defence from the end of the first half followed through to the second half and we forced multiple turnovers. Unfortunately, our offence lost the success from the first half and instead of team handball we often ended up in too much individual play which made it easier for the opposition to stop us.
After the final whistle, the scoreboard showed a 23:28 against us and the feeling was there that we could have won that game. Though we haven’t, many players seem to gain more confidence by each game and we are definitely moving in the right direction as a team and as well the players themselves.

The men game followed later and it’s a pain to say, it followed the usual Vikings behaviour. We started not well into the game and Vic Uni was building a lead quickly (1:3, 2:6, 3:8). Mainly because we decided to shoot straight at the goalkeeper or at the post and in defence we were pushing them as designed to wing shots but still gave them to much room.
Mid first half we started catching up and our defence stabilised a little bit (6:10, 9:11, 12:12), we even took the lead just before halftime but with a lucky last-second shot Vic Uni equalised with the halftime whistle (15:15).
In the second half we kept going strong and finally were able to put some distance between us and them (20:17, 23:18, 28:20). Halfway through the half, an unfortunate defence situation led to an injury that required stitches to one of the Vikings players.
At the end, the scoreboard showed a 36:28 win for the Vikings men, which felt like a win that required some heavy lifting.
As a team, we need to find ways how we start more focused and not having to play catch up in every game as we make it hard for ourselves if we keep doing it – still lots of work ahead of us.

Men – stats
Northern Aguilas HC vs Spartanz HC 42:19 (?:?)
Yoshi W; Jono R (8), Tim B (6), James C (6), Max B (4), Tim R (4), Pavlo P (3), Tyler W (3), Oscar B-I (3), Cameron R (3), Zac J (2), Will S
SPA: Thomas R, Rhys M; Nick P (5), Scott B (4), Aidan (3), Antoine D (2), Jonan (2), Te Hoera S (2), Willy M (1), Tom R, Frank G, Hayden O, Esrah

Vikings HC vs Victoria University HC A 36:28 (15:15)
Vikings:Petr H, James W; Daniel T (8), Miguel A (7), Liam M (6), Harry I (4), Alex B (4), Nico P (3), Paul I (3), Malte H (1), Sam C, Jay M
VUW:George G, Alban N (6), Luke N (5), Matt S (4), Felipe R (4), Sean F (3), Freddy G (3), Fabio S (3), Syloun P (1)

Fruit Flies HC vs Victoria University HC B 36:26 (17:10)
???; Luke I (8), Edmund C (7), Patrick L (6), Jack G (5), Jared P (4), Brendan C (2), Ben C (2), Josh B (1), Raphael C (1)
VUW B: William R; Freddy G (9), Felipe R (8), Patrick W (3), Matt S (2), James M (2), Tom C (1), Liam A (1), Santiago L, Jaxson C

Women – stats
Spartanz HC – BYE

Vikings HC vs Victoria University HC 23:28 (?:?)
Vikings:Kristina H, Lizzie S; Maddy H (13), Inga (6), Ella A (1), Rosa C (1), Michaela J (1), Ruby O (1), Maya M, Petula M, Georgia M, Izzah S, Elizabeth T
VUW:Chrissy M; Sam G (15), Meli P (4), Frances B (4), Antonella C (2), Valerie C (2), Nina (1), Vanessa

NZ U17 vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 27:18 (14:9)
Faith H, Valini V; Eleminioti P (10), Breanna A (5), Mercy-Lee T-L (4), Waimarie W (2), Tawhirikura D (2), Anneka W (2), Kiera-Leigh D-K (1), Paris T-F (1), Clare T, Metiria D
HVH: Tahndae W; La W (9), Ailish A (4), Acacia S (2), Leonie (2), Bridget K (1), Taylor G, Emily M