League Day 8

We have passed halfway through the season now.
Yesterday, on day 8 of the Wellington League, both Vikings teams were scheduled to play, the men team versus the Fruit Flies HC and the women team versus the NZ U17 team.

The women started off the game day at 2:15pm and we finally had some numbers, including four new players who were recruited by Michaela!!!
Welcome to the team – Petula, Sophie, Lauren and Gabe.
The team started off well and was only held off by the bloody post. Still, our agile attack generated scoring opportunities and we were able to build a lead (4:3, 7:5) which grew to a 9:6 halftime lead.
At this stage, we already ‘mourned’ the loss of our pivot LIzzie who unluckily got injured on her knee while being fouled. (Hopefully it’s nothing too serious and her recovery will go quickly!)
In the second half, the U17 team played a very offensive defence and generated a few turnovers, that quickly turned around the game (9:10, 10:14). While the Vikings women kept fighting our attack couldn’t reproduce what they did earlier in the game and at the end, the NZ U17s won 12:20.
Great progress from some of our younger players – we are getting visibly better but it doesn’t show in the results – yet.

The Vikings men team faced on Sunday evening the Fruit Flies, not just playing a league round game but also playing for the “Horn of Triebsch”.
Both teams started the game highly motivated and energetic. The Vikings men were visibly on a mission – and only the posts and/or the Fruit Flies goalie (Stefanos) were the reason the Vikings didn’t rush out to a larger lead in the first half (4:4, 7:6, 10:8). After 15 minutes the Fruitflies were able to find their own flow and scored some nice goals so that the 18:17 half time lead for the Vikings actually reflected the performance of both teams.
In the second half the Vikings men started with a bang and played very focused in both defence and attack, extending the league more and more (20:17, 24:19, 28:20, 31:21). But then with 12 minutes to go a few slobby fastbreaks, some unnecessary turnovers and the lead started shrinking (31:24, 33:28, 34:31). The Fruit Flies were suddenly on the roll and the Vikings men were visibly struggling to play with the same focus they started the second half with.
After all, we secured a 36:34 win, but the last 12 minutes of the second half is something that needs to be addressed and worked on.

Besides the win, the Vikings team is keeping the Horn of Triebsch” in their possession until the next time those two teams will face each other.
As part of the tradition, the losing team has selected the MVP of the game – and the MVP is …………. Miguel A

Congratulations Miguel, well deserved and hard work pays off.

MVP - "Horn of Triebsch" - Game 2

Men – stats
Spartanz HC vs Victoria University HC B 24:18 (16:10)
Thomas R, Rhys M; Scott B (6), Te Hoera S (6), Tom T (4), Nick P (2), Tom R (1), Hayden O (1), Willy M (1), Esrah (1), Aidan, Jonah
VUW B: George G; Felipe R (5), Milan (4), Syloun P (2), Freddy G (2), Matt S (2), Tom C (2). Liam A (1), Santiago L, Maric F, Jaxson C

Vikings HC vs Fruit Flies HC 36:34 (18:17)
Petr H, James W; Miguel A (8), Nico P (6), Paul I (5), Daniel T (5), Liam M (4), Harry I (3), Alex B (3), Riley G (2), Jay M, Angus H
FF: Stefanos; Luke I (11), Tim R (6), James B (5), Jack G (3), Raphael C (2), Brendan C (2), Ben C (2), Patrick L (2), Josh B

Northern Aguilas HC vs Victoria University HC A 33:26 (18:12)
Yoshi W; Jono R (6), Tim R (5), Cameron R (5), James C (5), Tim B (5), Max B (2), Pavlo P (2), Oscar B-I (1), Zac J (1), Lucas O-G (1), Tyler W, William S. Alex J
VUW A: George G; Luke N (8), Sean F (7), Alban N (4), Lars H (3), Felipe R (2), Sylouen P (1), Fabio S (1)

Women Stats
Hutt Valley Hunters – BYE

Vikings HC vs NZ U17 12:20 (9:6)
 Lizzie S; Maddy H (7), Inga Z (3), Georgia M (1), Petula M (1), Lizzie B; Maya M, Ruby O, Izzah S, Michaela J, Sophie H, Lauren H, Gabe A-S
NZ U17: Faith H; Paris T-F (4), Anneka W-L (3), Kiera-Leigh D-K (3), Tawhirikura D (3) Breanna A (3), Clare T (2), Waimarie W (1)

Victoria University HC vs Spartanz HC 13:9 (6:3)
Abbey L; Sophie T (4), Antonella (3), Meli P (3), Nina 2, Frances B (1), Valerie C, Chrissy M, Vanessa
SPA: Meghan W; Rowan M (5), Jordan T (2), Erin R-M (1), Taylor N (1), Elise G, Laura M, Geena P-V, Claudia