3rd Game Day

The Wellington league is in full flight.

On Game day three the Vikings team faced new challenges, while the Vikings women faced the newly formed NZ U17 team, the Vikings men awaited the return of the lost sons.

With the second game of the season, the Vikings women welcomed the NZ U17 team. The newly NZ U17 team is preparing for the IHF Continental Trophy (August 2019), and uses the Wellington League as a building block to optimise the preparation for it. We will face also our own player, Paris, in the NZ U17 team, who was selected and loaned out for the season. Today also we were able to welcome newcomers Inga Z and Lizzy S.
The Girls started ok into the game (2:2) but then some adjustments in the NZ U17 defence limited our further success. Until halftime, we fought hard and trying to minimise turnovers and limiting the opposition’s fastbreaks – halftime score (7:18).
In the second half, we managed to improve on our first half, but the very physical U17 team was on that day too good for us. Final result 16:34.
The highlight of the day was Hannah C’s comeback after a long injury break.

In the men’s 3rd game of the season, we faced the FruitFlies, a new Handball Club in town, created by former Vikings players Luke and Jack/
Given that Luke’s siblings and Jack’s partner are still die-hard Vikings, this promised to be an interesting match up.
In addition, a generous club supporter of both clubs – the one and only David Ireland – has sponsored a Trophy to be known as “The Horn of Triebsch”. This should make each game between both clubs extra spicy and hopefully leads to fierce competition in the best possible spirits.
Ok, now to the game, it started with another comeback of the goalie legend Petr H, who was out for over 2 seasons because of injuries.
The start of the game went as expected for the Vikings team with a quick lead (7:4). While the Vikings clearly dominated the game, the FruitFlies showed grid and stayed in the game while punishing the focus lapses of the Vikings and with a few seconds to go in the first half, they equalised the score (15:15).
The 2nd half started as the first one and the Vikings were able to build a lead (21:18, 27:22). This time the Vikings were more focused and kept the FruitFlies on distance with a final score of 36:33.
The Vikings emerged as the first winner of the “The Horn of Triebsch” – trophy. It’s a given that the Fruitflies are eager to win the Trophy in the next match-up between both teams.

here a little impressions video (thank to the legend Jun Tanlayco)

Stats – Men
Uni HC B vs Spartanz HC 24:33 
VUW B: William R; Felipe R (9). Freddy G (5), Matt S (4), Milan C (3), Sebastian H (3), Tom C, Patrick W
Spartanz: Thomas R, Rhys M; Scott B (8), Sam G (7), Willy M (4), Travis S (4), Nick P (3), Antoine D (2), Frank G (2), Toby S (2), Tom R (1), Hayden O  

Vikings HC vs Fruit Flies HC 36:33
Vikings: Petr H, James W, Laurin S; Miguel A (7), Nico P (6), Paul I (6), Daniel T (5), Alex B (4), Harry I (4), Liam M (3), Michael M (1), Jay M, Samuel C 
FruitFlies: Jack G; Luke I (9), Tim R (7), James B (5), Brendan C (5), Edmund C (4), Raphael C (2), Michael F (1), Francisco V, David I

Vic Uni HC A vs Norther Aguilas HC 23:29  
VUW A: William R; Luke N (8), Lars H (5), Fabio S (4), Sean F (3), Felipe R (1), Milan C (1), Alban N (1). Daniel S-S, Jason R, Subvan P
Aguilas: Yoshi; James P (6), Tim B (4), Max B (4), William S (4), James C (3), Tim R (3), Alex (2), Lucas G-O (1), Oscar B-P (1), Tyler W (1), Jono R, Cameron R, Zac J

Stats – Woman
Hutt Valley Hunters HC – BYE

Vikings HC vs NZ U17 16:34
Lizzie S, Kristina H; Inga Z (8), Maddy H (5), Ella A (1), Ruby O (1), Izza S (1), Michaela L, Georgia M, Hannah C, Maya M
NZ U17: Faith H; Eleminoti P (11), Breanna A (6), Aneko W (5), Waimarie W (4), Paris T-F (3), Metria D (2), Clare T (2), Valini V (1)

Victoria University HC vs Spartanz HC 22:8
VUW: Abbey L; Sam G (10), Meli P (5), Antonella C (2), Sophie T (2), Nina (2), Valerie C (1), Kathleen G
Spartanz: Megan W; Erin R-M (4), Paola N (2), Rowan M (1), Taylor N (1), Courtney J, Elise G, Lottie J, Laura M, Hanne dR

2nd game of the season

Everyone knows in Wellington, Sunday afternoon/evening is Handball time!

The last Sunday (9th June 2019), both Vikings teams had games scheduled and the women’s game was their first of the season.
The Vikings women have overhauled the squad for this season, including 10 new players. Unfortunately, some were away and therefore only a squad of 8 could play on Sunday. In the first game the team faced the Hutt Valley Hunters with former Vikings Bella Anastasiou. The game started exciting, both teams fought on each possession and no team could build a bigger lead until 5 minutes to halftime (2:2, 5:5, 8:8 – 9:11). Halftime score 10:13 lead for the Hunters.
In the second half, the Vikings women played a deep price for their inexperience and the Hunters women were able to capitalise from their experience from three National team players.
The Vikings team fought but over the stations of 10:16, 10:20, 11:25 to the final result of 12:28.
That was not the nicest welcome to 6 new players but we have to start somewhere.

The Vikings men faced this Sunday the Spartanz team. As often in the past, the Vikings were clear the favourite team and the Spartanz were determined to shake things up.
As usual, the Vikings started slow (1:4) but then kicked into higher gears (6:6, 10:10, 13:12) but reoccurring unforced turnovers and a few missed goal opportunities kept the Spartanz in the game until halftime – 16:16.
The coach of the Vikings made clear halftime that we need to increase our concentration and keep playing our fast powerful brand of Handball in order to earn the W.
In the second half, the team played with more focus and started pulling away from the Spartanz (20:17, 24:18) but then little things prevent us from pulling away even further until the end of the game (30:24, 34:28).
As the final whistle sounded through the stadium, the scoreboard showed a well deserved 38:32 for the Vikings team.
On a side note – in compare to last week, we had a full bench and the impact it had on our ability to keep the tempo up was clearly visible.

Stats – Men
Fruit Flies HC vs Vic Uni HC A 45:29
Fruit Flies: Stefano H; Tim R (14), Luke I (10), Raphael Q (6), Jack G (6), Brendan C (5), James B (3). Michael F (1). Francsico V
VUW A: George G; Lars H (7), Alban N (5), Fabio S (5), Subvan P (4), Sean F (3), Daniel S-s (2), Ben A (1), Felipe R (1), Patrick W, Matt S, Freddy G

Vic Uni HC B vs Northern Aguilas HC 8:46
VUW B: George G; Pato (4), Sebastian H (1), Freddy G (1), Matt S (1), Milan C (1), Santiago L, Patrick W, Subvan P, Maric F, Tom C
Aguilas: Yoshi; Tim B (9), James P (6), James C (6), Max B (5), Lucas G-O (4), Cameron R (4) Jono R (3) Tim R (2), William S (2), Zac J (2), Tyler W (1), Alex (1), Oscar B, Pavlo P

Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 38:32
Vikings: James W, Laurin S; Nico P (9), Daniel T (8), Paul I (7), Alex B (4), Michael M (3), Miguel A (2), Harry I (2), Liam M (2), Riley G (1), Jay M, Samuel C
Spartanz: Thomas R, Rhys M; Toby S (8), Willy M (6), Nick P (6), Antoine D (6), Scott B (3), Frank G (1), Hayden O (1), jack (1), Tom R

Stats – Woman
Vic Uni HC – BYE

Spartanz HC vs NZ U17 20:24
Spartanz: Jordan T; Rowan M (6), Erin R-M (6), Paola N (4), Elise G (3), Taylor N (1), Laura M
NZ U17: Faith H; Breanna A (6), Paris T-F (5), Anneka W (4), Annalise W (3), Metiria D (3), Valini V (2)

Vikings HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 12:28
Vikings: Michaela L; Maddy H (7), Izzah S (2), Ruby O (1), Maya M (1), Georgia M (1), Rosa C, Tessa M
HVH: Tryla; Bella A (10), La W (7), Thandae W (4), Acacia S (3), Bridget K (3), Hope H (1), Emily M

Start of 2019 Season

Sunday, two days ago, the 2019 Season started officially.

The Wellington League kicked off (league schedule here).

While the Vikings women team had a bye on game day one, the Vikings men faced the Northern Aguilas in a rematch of last year’s final.
In short, the season didn’t start so well, as we still missing some key players due to injury or absence and therefore we only had 9 players available to start off, while the Aguilas had a full bench.
The game started initially not so well and we were quickly 1:5, 2:8 down. Twelve minutes into the first half, we finally started to relax and managed to close the gap til halftime 10:13.
Starting the second half, we were able to continue the momentum and got even within 2 goals (12:14) but we then were sloppy with the ball and couldn’t reap the benefits of our strong defence further. Unfortunately, an unlucky collision caused one of the Vikings players with an injury off the court and this seemed to break our momentum a little bit. While we stayed initially close (15:18), we then paid the price of not having a full bench to our disposal and our concentration faded too often and the Aguilas did well in exposing this and regaining the control over the match.
In the end, we lost 22:30. But I think it’s fair to say, that we were better than the goal difference seems to imply.
The next game is in 2 weeks and we will be able to have more players available and we’ll have 4 more training sessions working on our deficits that were exploited against the Aguilas.

Stats – Men
Vikings HC vs Northern Aguilas HC 22:30
Vikings: James W; Daniel (8), Alex B (4), Paul I (4), Miguel (4), Nico P (1), Harry (1), Bjoern, Liam
Aguilas: Yoshi; James P (10), James C (4), Max B (4), Tim R (3), Oscar B (2), Cameron R (2), Tim B (2), Robert B (1), Pavlo P (1), William S (1), Tyler W, Lucas G-O, Zac J

Spartanz HC vs Fruit Flies HC 28:25
Spartanz: Thomas R, Rhys M; Willy M (7), Nick P (6), Antoine D (5), Sam G (3), Scott B (3), Toby S (3), Travis (1). Tom R, Frank G, Hayden O
Fruit Flies: Stefano H; Luke I (14), Tim R (4), Raphael Q (3), Jack G (1), James B (1). Michael F (1). Brendan C (1), Edmund C, Jared P, Francsico V

Vic Uni HC A vs Vic Uni HC B 40:27
VUW A: George G; Alban N (11), Fabio S (7), Lars H (7), Seah F (6), Luke N (5), Daniel S-s (4)
VUW B: William R; Sebastian H (6), Patrick W (5), Felipe R (5), Freddy G (4), Matt S (4), Milan C (3), Santiago L

Stats – Woman
Vikings HC – BYE

Spartanz HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 17:26
Spartanz: Jordan T; Rowan M (6), Taylor N (4), Paola N (4), Erin R-M (3), Courtney J
HVH: TeHau W (1); Shrena M (10), Ailish A (6), La W (4), Thandae W (2), Acacia S (1), Hope H (1), Taylor G (1), Tamara B

Vic Uni HC vs NZ U17 13:13
VUW: Abbey L; Sam G (8), Meli P (4), Sophie (1), Kelsey H, Antonella, Valerie C
NZU17: Faith H; Paris T-F (3), Mercy-Lea T-L (2), Clare T (2), Caitlin (2), Hinetekawa L (2), Metiria D (1), Anneka W (1), Kiara-Leigh D-K, Tawhirikura D


Game Postponed 

The game between the Vikings Danes and the Northern Aguilas this Sunday has been postponed to the 26th of August.

The Wellington Handball League has granted a request by the Northern Aguilas, given that 5 of their players are in the NZ Beach National Team, that is currently on their way to Russia for the upcoming Beach Handball World Championships.
Good Luck for the NZ Beach Boys!!!

The men game between the Vikings Norse and the Spartanz is happening as scheduled, as well as the women game Vikings vs Spartanz.

Amelie and Siri are going home

We also are sad to announce that two of our women players, Amelie and Siri,  had to say goodbye. Both players joined the Vikings women team in July 2017 and since then shown great commitment and skills,  while adding immensely to the success of the Vikings women team and the Vikings team culture overall.
We wish both players all the best back in their home countries and they both will be missed!! 
Good Luck and safe travels – Amelie and Siri.

Game day #5

Another Sunday, another 5 games, 3 of them with Vikings teams involved …

Men Competition

Vikings HC Danes vs Vic Uni HC Lions 38:11
The Danes facing the Vic Uni development team. No big surprises, well-rounded team effort. Though lots of unnecessary turnovers which did drove the coach nuts.
Danes: James Weston; Jack Gallagher 12, Luke Ireland 11, Joakim Cnattignius 5, Alex Bickers 5, Riley Grice 2, Nicolas Piveteau 1, Patrick Davy 1, Miguel Aizpuru 1
Lions: Jerome Leveneur; Josh Love 3, Milan Caird 2, Te Kopae Filo 2, Sam Garriock 2, Freddy Gard 1, Matthew Geange 1, Joshua Turnbull

Vikings HC Norse vs Northern Aguilas HC 15:30
The surprise team of the season (so far), the Norse, versus the 201 7 champion. On paper a clear constellation and at the end a clear win for the favourite. Though the Norse fought 60 minutes and challenged the Aguilas wherever they could. Great performance and effort from the Norse men showing that giving up was not an option. Also two debuts, welcome to the team – Alexandre and Edmund.
Norse: William O’Connor; Paul Ireland 4, Miguel Aizpuru 4, Angus Hazelton 2, Shyam Saiyan 2, Bjoern Bengelsdorf 1, Charlie Harris 1, Till-Niklas Brown 1, Josh Peterson, Jared Peterson, Patrick Davy, Edmund Crisp, Alexandre Lafargue
Aguilas: Yoshi Watanabe; James Palmer 9, Nicholas Shields 5, Tim Rayner 4, Max Brookes 4, Aaron Hudelston 3, James Cochrane 1, Cameron Ross 1, Zac Jarvis 1, Tim Banks 1, Tyler Warrington 0

Vic Uni HC Turtles vs Spartanz HC 33:26
Turtles: Jerome Leveneur; Luke Naylor 9, Brendan Courtney 6, Fabio Suarez 5, Jason Roche 5, Elliott Cheeseman 4, Sean Feehan 4, Ocean Grady, Lachlan Brown, Jaxson Crouch, Daniel Moss, Francisco Verbo, Josh Love
Spartanz: Thomas Roxburgh, Rhys Mountain; Baptiste Bouchereau 7, Sam Grayling 4, Rocco Wilhelmi 3, Nicholas Potter 2, Tom Zur Bruegge 2, Mariusz Kanacki 1, Scott Balmfort 1, George Chisholm 1, Loris Gerard 1, Fred Han,  Willy Makea, Kishore Bahirathan, Hayden O’Brien

Women Competition

Vikings HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC  45:26
Not much to say other than the Hunters only had 5 players today and the Vikings women team had. The Hunters played bravely all game long but ultimately couldn’t keep up. On a sad note – Amelie Krewel and Siri Kolbeinsen have finsihed their exchange year and are now on their way back to their respective home countries – bon voyage and thanks for helping our club to grow an to compete!
Vikings: Michaela Jensen; Amelie Krewel 13, Josie Dixon 10, Maddy Hazelton 7, Bella Anastasiou 6, Alex mair 5, Paris Tuimaseve-Fox 4
Hunters: Tahndae Wyatt; Marie Winitana 11, La Winitana 7, Shrena Faitua-Latu 5, Aneko Winitana 3

Spartanz HC vs Vic Uni HC Ravens 29:21
Spartanz: Faith Hewitson; Emily To 7, Rowan Moloughney 7, Erin Roxburgh 6, Jaclyn Parker 4, Francie Mills 3, Daniela Conforte 2, Ita Heneghan, Aine Ceitlin
Ravens: Abbey L’Estrange; Chrissy Real 8, Maddie Stephen 6, Sam Gard 3, Meli Pit 3, Kate Rossiter 1, Maggy Donovan, Emily Rais