1st day at NZ Club Champs

The first day of the 2019 NZHF Club Champs is over and 6 games are played.

In short, the Vikings women had a bit of a false start, but given the number of new players who joined the team over the last 4-6 weeks, we needed some time to find together. Overall the game felt like we could have won but we haven’t. While the first 40 minutes were in favour of the Hunters (8:13), the Vikings showed they won’t give up and started controlling the game onwards. Goal by Goal they came closer and even had the lead (19:17) but were unable to take advantage of our chances and the Hutt Hunters earned the draw (20:20).

The Vikings men went into the game as the favourite, especially after winning 2 weeks ago the Wellington League title against the NZHF Club Champion of the last two years, the Aguilas.
The game started as expected and the Vikings built a little lead (9:5) but halfway through the first half, we struggled to convert our chances and the hard and brave fighting Otago team clawed their way back in the game (11:11). Another little push of the Vikimgs led to a 15:12 half time lead.
In the second half, the Vikings seemed somehow paralysed and were unable to play their usual team game and the Otago team was going to wait for the Vikings to get into gear. With 2 minutes to play the Vikings were down by two and pushed for more and with 20 seconds to play drew the game (32:32). Otago couldn’t respond to the lats Vikings goal and both teams deserved at least that one point.

Women competition:
Austago Shags HC vs Cook Islands 25:7
OTA: Chi N; Jessica F (8), Tess F (5), Cassandra D (3), Kate D 92), Alex M (2), Laura P (2), Jessie W (2), Berna C (1), Briony S, Shannen S-S, Elizabeth T, Mathilde C
CI: Dalen P (4), Shannon v.E (1), Maureen K (1), Dallas T (1), Tiare K, Malee T, Rangina A, Kura S, Maxine M, Quila H, Tekitha T-I, Parerima W-C

Victoria University HC/Spartanz HC vs Hutt Valley Baby Hunters HC 17:18
Abbey L (1), Jordan T; Rowan M (9), Sam G (3), Erin M-R (2), Meli P (1), Frances B (1), Antonella C, Kathleen G, Valerie C, Vanessa M, 小野寺遥奈 , Lottie J, Laura M, Paola N
HVH JR: Valini V, Faith H; Phoenix P (5), Ele P (4), Brenna A (2)< Kiara D (2), Aneka W (1), Mercy-Lea T-L (1), Metiria D (1), Waimarie W (1), Hine L (1), Tawhirikura D, Leonie P, Charise P

Vikings HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 20:20 (7:11)
VIK: Kristina H; Maddy H (5), Inga Z (5), Merle (4), Ida P (3), Bridget I (1), Nele G (1), Laura K (1), Charline K, Paris T-F, Maya M, Georgia M, Ruby O, Ella A, Izzah S
HVH: Andre M; La W (7), Bella A (4), Acacia S (4), Georgia B (2), Tahndae W (2), Te Hau W (1). Bridget K, Hope H

Men competition:
Auckland HC vs Spartanz HC 43:25
AKL: Alex W, Alfonso M; Thomas S (9), Tim S (6), Janneg S (5), Nikola I (5), Pepe R (5), Gaston F (4), Toby S (4), Ahmed M (3), Roland v.d.T (1), Henri P (1), Keller H, Qassim H, Nayu K, Matias L
SPA: Rhys M; Nick P (8), Antoine D (4), Willy M (3), Aidan C (3), Jordan G (3), Te Hoera S (2), Scott B (1), Kishore B (1), Ezra S, Frederic H, Frank G, Hayden O

Northern Aguilas HC vs Canterbury Braves HC 34:20
AGU: Yoshi W; Tim B (7), James C (5), Zac J (5), James P (4), Cameron R (3), Max B (3), William S (3), Alex J (2), Nick S (1), Jono R (1), Tim R, Luca O-G, Tyler W, Pavlo P
CAN: Justin C; Nicolas G (5), Phil E (4), Hayden J (3), Peter E (3), Julien P (2), Sergiu P (1), Willy Silcock (1), Paul P, James W

Vikings HC vs Otago Shags HC 32:32 (15:12)
James W; Daniel T (10), Paul I (7), Alex B (6), Nico P (3), Miguel A (2), Liam M (1), Harry I (1), Bjoern B (1), Patrick D (1), Nino DeG. Sam C
OTA: Eoin M; Magnus H (10), Bernhard A (5), Ludovic G (5), Caedyn W (4), Akashdeep S-B (4), Joe M (2), Tom B (1), Jackson M (1), Mitchell L