League Day 12

The season nears the finish line and on Sunday the men competition had their last pool round, while the women competition had their semi-final round.

The Vikings women faced the Spartanz women and were very motivated to win so they qualify for the Bronze match.
The game started as expected and the Vikings were able to build a quick lead (2:1, 5:2, 7:3) and looked like in control. At half time we were up 15:8.
While the result should speak for itself the defence still had a few unnecessary breakdowns and in attack we were missing more team play.
With the big lead in their heads, the Vikings girls lost a bit of their efficiency in the second half but the win was never in doubt. The final result was a 28:18 win and the girls are ready for the Bronze final against Victoria University next Sunday!

The Vikings men faced yesterday as well the Spartanz team and unfortunately, we were a bit thin on the bench but given our season so far the team wasn’t that concerned to start with.
The game started an expected with the Vikings playing nice team handball and racing off to a 9:5 start. Then a bunch of unnecessary turnovers in attack and resulting fastbreaks against us, as well as some bad defence, saw the Spartanz closing and taking the lead (10:12). That was certainly not what we were hoping for but it was also a good test of character for the team. After regrouping and focusing on minimising those turnovers we first equalised (14:14) and then took the lead 18:15. In the last few minutes prior to halftime, the Spartanz closed in again and the game was tight (19:18).
In the second half a couple of defensive adjustments and the better team play by the Vikings allowed us to control the game better and build a comfortable lead (24:20, 28:22, 32:23) and at the end an ‘on-paper’ comfortable 42:34 win was on the scoreboard.
Overall it seemed the Vikings wanted to avoid injuries prior to the final while the Spartanz fought hard at every minute and were able to capitalise of the missing focus at times. The second half was played with more focus and the result shows.

Stats – women
BYE – Hutt Valley Hunters HC

NZ U17 vs Victoria University HC 30:14 (18:7)
NZ U17:
Valini V; Brenna A (9), Elemenioti P (7), Kiera-Leigh D-K (7), Aneko W (3), Paris T-F (2), Tesara-Rose F (2), Clare T,
VUW: Abbey L; Sam G (8), Antonella C (3), Chrissy M (2), Meli P (1), Valerie C, Vanessa

Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 28:18 (15:8)
Vikings: Kristina H, Michael J; Maddy H (8), Charline K (6), Inga Z (4), Ida P (3), Bridget I (3), Georgia M (2), Ella A (2), Ruby O, Maya M, Izzah S, Rosa C, Elizabeth T
Spartanz:Alex; Rowan M (9), Erin R-M (5), Lara M (2), Lottie J (1), Courtney J (1). Billie, Olivia

Fruitflies HC vs Victoria University HC A 32:29 (21:17)
Stefanos H, Cassius P-L; Luke I (12), Time R (8), Jack G (5), Brendan C (4), Josh B (3), Adam B, David I
VUW A: Wiliam R; Luke N (10), Alban N (8), Syloun P (6), Sean F (3), Felipe R (1), Matt S (1), Freddy G, Milan C

Northern Aguilas HC vs Victoria University HC B 50:12 (21:4)
Yoshi W; Jono R (9), James C (8), Zac J (6), Max B (6), Alex J (5), William S (5), Lucas G-O (4), Cameron R (4), Tyler W (3), Oscar B-I
VUW B: William R; Freddy G (6), Milan C (3), Felipe R (1), Liam A (1), Tom C (1), Patrick W, Santiago L, Matt S, James M, Maxime

Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 42:34 (19:18) – W
Vikings:Petr H, James W; Paul I (8), Miguel (7), Nico P (6), Alex B (6), Liam M (4), Jay M (4), Harry I (3), Malte H (3), Daniel T (1),
Spartanz:Rhys M; Nick P (13), Antoine D (9), Scott B (5), Willy M (3), Te Hoera S (3), Esrah (1), Aidan C, Tom R