League Day 11

Another Sunday, and more Handball games.

The Vikings women team faced the Spartanz women team and the recent influx of new players and better commitment to trainings is starting to pay off.
The game started furious for the Viking women team and a quick lead was established (4:2, 7:4) and at half time we were up 14:10. At this stage, we still had a few communication issues in the defence but overall we played well as a team.
In the second half we were able to improve in all areas and the score went eve more into our favour (19:11, 28:16) and at the end, we won 32:17).
Great game from all girls and the finals can come.

The Vikings men team was squaring up with the Northern Aguilas. A game that promised intensity and two opponents fighting for each millimetre on the court.
The Vikings started with great attack sequences but the Aguilas goalie Yoshi was today in top form – again – and kept his team in the game. The score stayed close throughout the first half and no team could really pull away (3:3, 3:5, 7:6) and both teams went with a 10:10 draw into half time.
The second half turned then into a nailbiter. While the Vikings improved their scoring percentage against Yoshi, in defence we got caught out again and again by the very effective fastbreak game of the Aguilas. The game ultimately went down to the wire (15:15, 20:19, 21:22, 23:22, 25:27).
1.5 minutes to go, the Vikings two down and having the ball – oldie Daniel went straight through the middle to close down on 26:27. The Aguilas in the next attack fumble the ball and a great hustle play by Paul led to a successful fastbreak goal by Bjoern – 27:27 – and 20 seconds to go.
One more attack for the Aguilas and Max B found a way through on the right side to score with just 4 seconds on the clock and it turned out to be the game-winner.
It was – like always – a game which promoted New Zealand Handball and both teams showed lots of skills and courage but also sportsmanship and camaraderie as many of players from both teams play regularly together in NZ and Wellington Regional selection teams.
Both teams have already booked their tickets for the Wellington League Grand final on the 1st September 2019 – a must watch!!!

Stats – women
NZ U17 – BYE

Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 32:17 (14:10)
VIK:Michael J; Inga Z (8), Ida P (7), Bridget I (5), Maddy H (4), Merle A (4), Ruby O (3), Petula M (1), Rosa C, Elizabeth T, Maya M
SPA:Laura M; Rowan M (8), Paola N (2), Lottie J (2), Taylor N (2), Erin R-M (2), Francie M (1)

Hutt Valley Hunters HC vs Victoria University HC 28:13 (16:7)
Andrea M; Ailish A (12), Bella A (6), Leonie P (4), Acacia S (3), Taylor G (2), Meghan W (1), Bridget K
VUW: Abbey L; Meli P (6), Chrissy M (3), Antonella C (2), Valerie C (2), Frances B, Vanessa

Stats – men
Vikings HC vs Northern Aguilas 27:28 (10:10)
VIK: James W; Daniel T (7), Bjoern B (6), Alex B (5), Liam M (4), Paul I (3), Nico P (2), Harry I, Jay M, James F
AGU: Yoshi W; Tim B (7), James C (6), Jono R (5), Max B (4), Zac J (3), Pavlo P (2), Tim R (1), Cameron R, Oscar B-I, Tyler W

Spartanz HC vs Fruitflies HC 28:24 (13:10)
Rhys M; Nick P (8), Scott B (6), Aidan (4), Te Hoera S (3), Willy M (3), Jonan (2) Antoine D (2), Hayden O, Frank G
FF: David I; Josh B (7), Tim R (6), Brendan C (4), Jack G (3), Patrick L (3), Michael F (1)

Victoria University HC A vs Victoria University HC B 40:23
George G (1); Matt S (12), Alban N (10), Syloun P (10), Maxime C (4), Theo Thavisouk (3)
VUW B: Jaxson C; Milan C (9), Sam S-S (4), Tom C (3). Felipe R (3), Santiago L (3), Liam A (1)