League Day 10

Yesterday, was day 10 of the 2019 Wellington Handball League and the teams completed the second round robin.

The Vikings women faced the Vic Uni team, like last week and the Vikings men team faced the Vic Uni B team.

The Vikings women had a few people sick, injured and away but also welcomed two new players – Ida Petersen and Merle Arnold.
The team started well but easy mistakes in defence invited the opposition to score easily and we never were able get away with more than 2 goals (3:1. 7:5) and both teams went with a 10:10 draw into halftime.
In the second half, the Vikings coach urged his team to focus more on the defensive end and the team did just that. Slowly but surely the lead increased (14:13, 17:15. 20:16) and at the end the Vikings team could celebrate their first win of the season – 23:17.
Great team effort and certainly something we can built on towards Club Nationals.

The Vikings men team played straight after the women team and faced the Development team from Victoria University HC. On paper, this supposed to be a clear win but you never know.
The team started well and set the tone early on (5:1, 10:3) and from there went to a 19:8 half time lead. Eight goals were a bit too much but we were also given some less experienced players more opportunities.
The second half went almost the same way and with the final wbistle, the scoreboard showed a 37:18.
Overall, the defence was a bit too soft at times and especially during the end of the game our offence struggled as the game was already decided.

Men – stats
Vikings HC vs Victoria University HC B 37:16 (19:8)
James W; Bjoern B (7), Daniel T (6), Liam M (6), Miguel A (6), Harry I (4), Paul I (3), Jay M (3), Patrick D (1), Samuel C (1), James F
VUW B: Luke N, George G; Matt S (5), Tom C (4), Freddy G (2), Patrick W (2), Liam A (1), Santiago L (1), Sam S-S (1)

Spartanz HC vs Victoria University HC A 38:34 (18:15)
Rhys M; Scott B (10), Toby S (9), Willy M (7), Te Hoera S (6), Antoine D (4), Hayden O (1), Tom R (1), Jack P, Frank G
VUW A: George G, Han; Luke N (14), Alban N (6), Sylouan P (6), Matt S (4), Freddy G (3), Sean F (1), Patrick W

Northern Aguilas HC vs Fruitflies HC 39:20 (24:11)
AGU: Yoshi W; Zac J (7), Tim R (6), Jono R (6), Tim B (4), James C (3), Tony S (3), Pavlo P (3), Alex J (2), Cameron R (1), Lucas G-O (1), Tyler W (1), Max B (1), William S (1), Osca B-I
FF: Stefanos H; Luke I (6), Jack G (3), Brendan C (3), Josh B (3), Ben C (3), Patrick L (1), Edmund C (1), Adam B

Women – stats
NZ U17 – BYE

Hutt Valley Hunters HC vs Spartanz HC 20:15 (10:6)
???; Ailish A (7), Bella A (7), Bridget K (2), Taylor G (2), Leonie P (1), ???
SPA: Jordan T; Rowan M (7), Erin M-R (3), Taylor N (2), Paola N (2), Lottie J (1), Laura M

Vikings HC vs Victoria University HC 23:17 (10:10)
Michaela J; Inga Z (11), Ida P (5), Merle A (3), Bridget I (3), Ruby O (1), Georgia M, Maya M, Tessa M, Rosa C, Petula M
VUW: Abbey L; Meli P (6), Kelsey H (5), Frances B (4), Antonella C (2), Clara N, Kathleen G

Day 10 – League Summary