Game Day 7

Sunday evening, the night of the Cricket World Cup Final (New Zealand BlackCaps vs England), all players really just wanted to get out of the gym and watch the Cricket game.
Long story short, the Vikings men faced the Spartanz team. On paper it was clear that the Vikings should win, but as usual we managed to play the opposition’s game with low intensity and low pressure, as a result, while we were leading from start to finish, we weren’t building a comfortable lead until late in the first half (3:2, 8:6, 13:10), with a half time score of 21:14.
The second half went way more the way this game was envisioned (32:20, 38:23) and only in the last five minutes, we dropped the ball a bit and allowed some easy Spartanz goals.
The final score was 43:28. A win we needed and over the next two weeks we will face the Fruit Flies and the Vic Uni A team, which are decisive games for all teams involved. With two wins we would solidify our spot in the League Final 2019.

The Vikings women had to cancel their game due to most of the players being away/unavailable (school holidays and personal reasons).

Men – Stats:
Fruit Flies HC vs Victoria University HC A 32:29 (18:14)
FF: Stefanos H, Cassius P; Luke I (12, Jack G (5), Brendan C (4), Tim R (2), James B (2), Josh B (2), Adam B (2), Ben C (1), Patrick L (1), Raphael C (1), Jared P, Michael F
VUW A: George G; Luke N (7), Lars H (6), Alban N (5), Sean F (5), Jason R (2), Felipe R (2), Fabio S (2), Freddy G, Milan C

Northern Aguilas HC vs Victoria University HC B 61:14 (28:7)
Yoshi W; James C (11), Cameron R (10), Tim B (9). Oscar B-I (7), Jono R (7), Tim R (5), Pavlo P (3), Max B (3), Zac J (3), Tyler W (2), Luca G-O (1)
VUW B: George G; Santiago L (4), Freddy G (2), Milan C (2), Patrick W (2), James M (2), Felipe R (1), Jackson (1), Liam A, Matt S, Tom C

Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 43:28 (21:14)
Vikings: James W; Paul I (11), Miguel A (5), Liam M (5), Daniel T (4), Harry I (4), Riley G (4), Jay M (4), Nico P (3), Samuel C (3)
Spartanz: Thomas R (1), Rhys M; Nick P (13), Scott B (6), Willy M (3), Frank G (3), Te Hoera S (2), Hayden O

Women – Stats:
Victoria University HC – BYE

Spartanz HC vs NZ U17 17:14 (8:8)
Jordan T; Rowan M (11), Paola N (3), Taylor N (3), Laure M, Alex, Claudia, Giney
NZ U17: Faith H; Anneka W (3), Mercy-Lee T-L (2), Paris T-F (2), Metiria D (2), Breanna A (2), Eleminioti P (2), Tawhirikura D (1), Valini V

Vikings HC vs Hutt Valey Hunters HC 0:10 (Vikings defaulted)