Game Day 6

While the Vikings women team had a bye week, the Vikings men were facing their arch rival, the Northern Aguilas.

Before the game started, we already got a few players who reported they couldn’t play due to sickness/injury and that meant we had to play again with a thin bench.
The game started, as usual, with the Vikings not quite ready to compete and the Aguilas took advantage of that and was building a quick lead (4:6, 7:11). While the team started playing much better in the second part of the first half, the Aguilas goalkeeper (Yoshi) had one of his many golden-days showcasing goalkeeper from another star. The Vikings created great goalscoring opportunities but either Yoshi or the goal post was in the way.
At half time the team found itself with a 6 goal deficit – 10:16.
In the halftime break, we discussed our strategies for the second half and the emphasis was clearly on starting to scoring successfully on our many goalscoring opportunities and also to play more aggressive defence to force more turnovers.
And we came out blazing and were able to reduce the Aguilas lead goal by goal until we were only two goals behind (18:20). In that phase, it felt the momentum of the game could push the Vikings on top, but a turnover and a 2-minutes suspension stopped our run and allowed the Aguilas a moment to catch their breath and refocus to stop the Vikings momentum. In the last 10 minutes, the Aguilas defended their lead (20:24, 22:26), and were able to secure the win.
Congrats their win, and hopefully the unfortunate injury to one of their players will not be as bad as it looked at that time.

For the Vikings men, the leanings of this match are very simple – (a) wake up earlier so you don’t have play catch up all the time. and (b) a successful play is only successful when you score at the end, so focus on the shot as well. Besides that, the team fought great by showcasing an agile defence and finding consistently team play solutions in the attack.

Stats – men
Vikings HC vs Northern Aguilas 23:29 (10:16)
VIK: Petr H, James W; Liam M (6), Paul I (4), Daniel T (3), Miguel A (3), Alex B (3), Will O (3), Nico P (1), Jay M
AGU: Yoshi W; Tim B (7), Zac J (6), James C (5), James P (4), Tim R (3), Max B (3), Jono R (1), Pavlo P, Oscar B-I, Tyler W, Alex J

Fruit Flies HC vs Spartanz HC 40:25 (18:13)
Stefanos H, Cassuis P; Tim R (8), Luke I (7), Raphael C (7), Jack G (5), Edmund C (4), Brendan C (3), Jared P (2), Josh B (2), Ben C (1), Michael F (1)
SPA: Thomas R, Rhys M; Nick P (14), Scott B (6), Willy M (2), Frank G (2), Te Hoera S (1), Travis S, Hayden O, Tom R, Sam G

Victoria University HC A vs Victoria University HC B 43:26 (22:11)
George G; Jason R (9), Syloun (8), Alban N (7), Fabio S (7), Lars H (7), Luke N (4), Sean F (1)
VUW B: Felipe R (3); Milan C (7), Santiago L (4), Freddy G (4), Matt S (3), James M (3), Liam A (1), Maric F (1)

Stats – women
Vikings HC – BYE

Hutt Valley Hunters HC vs Spartanz HC 23:10 (12:6)
Andrea; La W (10), Acacia S (4)< Shreena M (3), Bella A (2), Taylor G (2), Hope H (1), Tahndae W (1), Emily M, Phoenix P, Kaylin D, Anatia R
SPA: Jordan T; Rowan M (5), Paola N (4), Courtney J (1), Lottie J, Emma K, Geena P-V

NZ U17 vs Victoria University HC 28:14 (14:7)
NZ U17:
Faith H; Eleminioti P (7), Anneko W (5), Paris T-F (5), Breanna A (4), Metiria D (3), Waimarie W (2), Clare T (1), Tesara-Rose F (1), Valini V
VUW: Abbey L; Nina (5), Sophia T (4), Chrissy M (3), Meli P (2), Kathleen G, Valerie C