5th Game Day

This Sunday, both Vikings teams were again in action.
The Vikings women started off by playing the Spartanz women team and that game was followed by the Vikings men facing the Victoria University B team,

The Vikings women team developed nicely over the first few games of the season while incorporating 9 new players that joined the club with all but one coming through the Wellington School league.
The game itself started well and the Vikings were able to build a small lead (2:1, 5:3). Though the Spartanz fought back and equalised just before halftime (9:9).
During the halftime talk, the Vikings coach asked for a more aggressive defence and for playing more as a team in attack.
The second half was a very even contest, but especially in the last 15 minutes the Vikings didn’t find a way through the Spartanz defence and were held scoreless for almost 10 minutes. While the Vikings defence was much improved in comparison to the first half, we still came short and lost 16:18.
Congratulations to the Spartanz for their win.
For the Vikings women team, this game has proven that you can only win games when playing as a team and that’s certainly an area we need to work on. While our team defence is improving we still need to work on individual defence and on team handball in the attack.

Straight after the Women game, the Vikings men team were up facing the Vic Uni B team. Before the game it was clear that everything else but a clear win would be a huge surprise.
Due to injuries, the Vikings were a bit short on wing players, but that meant that others who haven”t seen a lot of game time lately, including a debut of James (Fitzgerald), helped mitigating this.
The game itself was as expected, the Vikings pulled away from the start (5:1, 16:6) and had a comfortable 23:8 lead at halftime.
At the end the score board showed a 44:14 Vikings win.
This game was a good opportunity for some newer players to have more game time but also for some other players to try out and improve on playing in new positions.

Stats – men
Vikings HC vs Victoria University HC B 44:14 (23:8)
Vikings: Petr H; Paul I (8), Miguel A (7), Daniel T (6), Will O (6), Samuel C (5), Nico P (4), Jay M (4), Liam M (3), James F (1)
VUW: George G; Felipe R (4), Freddy G (3), Matt S (3), Milan C (2), James M (1), Santiago L, LIam A, Tom C

Victoria University HC A vs Spartanz HC 41:37 (24:19)
VUW: George G; Luke N (10), Alban N (6), Fabio S (5), Sean F (5), Jason R (4), Felipe R (4), Lars H (3), Sylouan P (3), Matt S (1), Milan C
Spartanz: Rhys M; Nick P (13), Scott B (11), Willy M (7), Travis S (2), Frank G (2), Antoine D (1), Tom R (1), Jack P, Hayden O, Tim M, Te Hoera S

Northern Aguilas HC vs Fruitflies HC 29:18 (17:8)
Aguilas: Yoshi W; James P (6), Max B (6), Tim B (3), Will S (3), Zac J (3), Pavlo P (2), Tim R (2), Jono R (2), James C (1), Tyler W (1), Cameron R (1), Alex J, Oscar B-I, Lucas G-O
Fruitflies: Stefanos H; Luke I (8), Tim R (2), Brendan C (2), Jack G (2), Raphael C (1), Edmund C (1), James B (1), Ben C (1), Jared P, Patrick L, Jaxson C

Stats – women
NZ U17 – BYE

Hutt Valley Hunters HC vs Victoria University HC 18:10 (9:5)
HVH: Andrea; Bella A (6), La W (6), Ailis A (2), Tahndae W (2), Hope H (1), Acacia S (1), Bridget K
VUW: Abbey L; Antonella C (3), Meli P (2), Nina (2), Frances B (1), Sam G (1), Valerie C (1), Kathleen G

Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 16:18 (9:9)
Vikings: Kristina H; Maddy H (5), Inga Z (5), Ruby O (2), Georgia M (2), Lizzie B (2), Maya M, Izzah S, Michaela L, Rosa C
Spartanz: Meghan W; Rowan M (10), Paola N (5), Courtney J (2), Taylor N (1), Jordan T, Lottie J, Laura M