loop back – Game day #2

The second game day of the 2018 season was set to play on the 10th of June. Due to 10+ Vikings players being selected to play for New Zealand at the Oceania Youth & Junior Championships, two men games were postponed to Sunday, the 1st July.

Men Competition

Vikings HC Danes vs Spartanz HC 36:29
The game was closer than expected and very competitive. Both teams fought hard, with the Danes coming out on top due to a very strong finish. The Spartanz improved significantly over the last few games and showed this again in this game. Though the Danes didn’t panic and kept patience making sure they focused on their strength, team play and defence. Great season debut by our  Goalie Petr Holic who looked great and not rusty at all – though he will argue differently. 
Danes: Petr Holid, James Weston; Luke Ireland 7, Todd Anderson 4, Miguel Aizpuru 4, Alex Bickers 4, Jack Gallagher 4, Nicolas Piveateau 3, Harry Ireland 3, Paul Ireland 2, Joakim Cnattinguis 2, Patrick Davy 2, Angus Hazelton 1, Daniel Triebsch
Spartanz: Thomas Roxburgh; Nicholas Potter 7, Antoine Desnos 6, Tom Zur Bruegge 5, Willy Makea 5, Toby Stephen 3, Rocco Wilhemli 2, Baptiste Bouchereau 1, Fred Han, Scott Balmforth, Kishore Bahirathan

Vikings HC Norse vs Vic Uni HC Turtles 25:21
The Norse faced today the team that was beaten by the Danes last week. With still a few players injured, sick and away, the Norse welcomed back Nino DeGregorio and welcomed newly Charlie Harris who were happy to help while they are in Wellington visiting family.
The game was close from start to mid-way through the second half. The Norse had phases were they acted relatively unlucky giving away to easy turnovers and inviting the Turtles to easy goals. Thanks to both Goalkeepers, Cass & Will, the Norse were not always punished and could stay on a winning path. In the last 10-15 minutes, the team created some needed separation in the score and were able to close the deal, finishing with a 25:21 win.
Norse: William O’Connor, Cassius Papera-Lewin; Miguel Aizpuru 5, Antoninio DeGregorio 4, Charlie Harris 4, Patrick Davy 4, Till-Niklas Braun 3, Alex Bickers 2, Bjoern Bengelsdorf 1. Paul Ireland 1, Liam Madigan 1, Patrick Garner
Turtles: Finn O’Brien; Ben Potaka 4, Luke Naylor 3, Adam Bradley 3, Brendan Courtney 2, Elliott Cheeseman 2, Sean Feehan 2, Jason Roche 1, Jaxson Crouch 1, Michael Fenton 1, Te Kopae Filo 1, Daniel Moss, Fabio Surarez, Josh Love