League Day 4

Yesterday, all our three Vikings teams were in action and all teams played really well.

Men Competition

Vikings HC Danes vs Vic Uni HC Turtles 40:21
The Danes went as the favourite in this game and did show from start to finish their dominance in all areas.  All field players managed to score and both defence and attack have shown stability and flair.
Danes: James Weston; Luke Ireland 6, Angus Hazelton 5, Daniel Triebsch 4, Paul Ireland 4, Jack Gallagher 4, Nicolas Piveteau 4, Todd Anderson 4, Miguel Aizpuru 2, Alex Bickers 2, Patrick Davy 2, Harry Ireland 2, Joakim Cnattignius 1
Turtles: Finn O’Brien; Luke Naylor 6, Tateva Johnson 4, Ocean Grady 4, Sean Feehan 2, Daniel Moss 2, Jason Roche 1, Ben Potaka 1, Brendan Courtney 1, Fabio Soares 1, Michael Fenton, Locky Brown, Francisco Verbo

Vikings HC Norse vs Vic Uni HC Lions 31:8
The Norse, faced the Lions, a Vic Uni development team that improved a lot over the last few weeks. Though, the Norse were still the big favourites in that matchup.
There was never a moment during the game the win was in question, but there were also a few things the Norse will need to work on to be able to be further successful.
Norse: Will O’Connor 2; Liam Madigan 6, Angus Hazelton 5, Paul Ireland 4, Miguel Aizpuru 4, Bjoern Bengelsdorf 3, Josh Peterson 2, Jared Peterson 2, Shyam Saijan 2, Paddy Davy 1
Lions: Finn O’Brien; Josh Love 4, Freddy Gard 2, Te Kopae Filo 1, Hayden Rolston 1, Matthew Geange, Finn Russell, Josh Turnbull, Will Wallis, Patrick Wallis, Kian Foulkes, Jaxson Crouch

Northern Aguilas HC vs Spartanz HC 39:22
Aguilas: Yoshi Watanabe; Nick Shields 14, Tim Rayner 7, James Palmer 6, Tim Banks 4, Jono Rayner 4, Zac Jarvis 2, Aaron Huddleston 1, Tyler Warrington 1, William Smith, Cameron Ross
Spartanz: Thomas Roxburgh; Antoine Desnos 7, Baptiste Bouchereau 7, Rocco Wilhelmi 3, Nick Potter 2, Toby Stephen 2, Scott Balmforth 1, Mariusz Kanacki, Sam Grayling, Tom Zur Brugge, Willy Makea

Women Competition

Vikings HC vs Vic Uni HC Ravens 18:23
The Vikings women had a tough game versus the Ravens. Especially the Raven’s excellent goalkeeper challenged the Vikings players throughout the game and was instrumental for the Raven’s win. On the other side, the Vikings players are showing more and more their team play and building great chemistry amongst each other. A special mentioning here to Michaela, the Vikings goalkeeper, who showed great reflexes and helped the team immensely to stay close and keep the winning chance real.
Vikings: Michael Jensen; Paris Tuimaseve-Fox 4, Alexandra Mair 4, Madeleine Hazelton 3, Josie Dixon 3, Te Mapihi Tutua-Nathan 3, Amelie Krewel 1, Siri Kolbeinsen
Ravens: Abbey L’Estrange; Madeleine Stephen 11, Samantha Gard 6, Meli Pitt 3, Carina Johannson 2, Kate Rossiter 1, Maggie Donavan, Chrissy Real, Emily Rais, Kelsey Hanrahan

Spartanz HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 24:29
Spartanz: Chrissy Mulitalo, Faith Hewitson; Rowan Moloughney 8, Daniela Conforte 6, Erin Roxburgh 4, Emily Too 3, Paola Nigris 3, Aine Ceitin, Courtney Jones, Francie Mills, Ita Hennigan
Hunters: Tahndae Wyatt; LA Winitana 10, Tamara Baker 9, Ailish Akavi 5, Aneko Winitana 2, Shrena Faitua-Latu 2, Marie Winitana 1, Brenna