8th week of WHL 2017

In the 8th week of the Wellington Handball League, the men competition entered round 2. Round 2 split the 7 teams into a Cup competition (Top 4) and a Shield competition (Bottom 3).
For the Vikings men teams this translates, that the Danes will play the Cup competition as they placed 2nd in the Round 1 and the Norse will play the Shield competition as they placed 5th and narrowly missed the qualification for the Cup competition.

While the Vikings Norse had a bye on game day 8, the Danes were facing the Spartanz, who placed 3rd in Round 1.
The Danes started off with our Pivot Jacko in goal as for different reasons non of our goalkeepers could make it today. The team started the game very well off and build a quick 12:4 lead. Jacko in goal surprised the Spartanz multiple times with stunning saves and that gave the team even more confidence. Though the Spartanz didn’t want to gave this game up at all and ought back. While Danes went into half time with a 15:10 lead, the coach made clear that this game isn’t won yet and requested the team to keep going and not letting it slip.
The second half started as the first one ended, the Spartanz fought goal by goal their way back into the game (21:18). Half way through the second half, the Danes, stepped up their defense efforts and forced the opposition into turnovers and finally broke up the score with a range of fast breaks back to a more comfortable lead (28:21, 32:22).
At the end the Danes managed to come out as winner (37:27) with a well played game and lots of positives to take from. It seemed some of our less experienced players got the ‘real’ hang of it now and developed a nice feel for the game. Certainly something overall will led to more depth within the team (Norse and Danes together), especially for future competitions.
Also a great shout-out to Jacko, who had an absolute stunner game as goalkeeper.
Vikings HC Danes – Jack; Harry 10, Luke 8, Angus H 6, Todd 4, Riley 3, Paul 3, Alex 3
Spartanz HC – Rhys, Thomas R; Nick P 8, Max 6, Scott 4, Willy 3, Tom T 2, Sam 2, Fred 2, Shyam

The Vikings women team faced today the Hutt Valley Hunters. While the team had today very good player numbers, the team also had to deal with the fact that the majority of the team was participating all week on the Women National team training camp, so tiredness was part of the deal. If that wasn’t enough Michaela, our goalkeeper, couldn’t come either and therefore lots of improvising was required.
The team started great and the score was closed all of the first half, with the Hunters taking a 13:14 lead into half time. The second half didn’t go that well for the Vikings girls who wasn’t able to score much in the second half, while allowing to many own turnovers which resulted in easy fast break opportunities for the Hunters. The game ended in a 22:32 loss, but the score was misleading the fact how well the Vikings women played most of the game. Congratulations to the Hunters who played a solid game for 60 minutes.
Thanks to Catherine and Alex, our two Otago loans who were in town and helped out. Also thanks to Maddy, who was actually out of order due to sickness but she volunteered and came through as goalie replacement and showed off some good saves.
Vikings HC – Maddy; Laura 7, Catherine 4, Nina 4, Amelie 3, Alex 2, Bridget 2, Hannah C, Siri, Taye, Malin
Hutt Valley Hunters HC – Tahndae; La 9, Georgia 8, Shrena 7, Marie 3, Te Hau 3, Tamara 2, xxx 

Other results:
Women – Victoria University HC vs Spartanz HC 21:11
Men – Vic Uni HC Royals vs Vic Uni HC Wolves 20:22
Men – Vic Uni HC Turtles vs Northern Aguilas HC 20:36
(note: Vikings HC Norse– men – had a bye)