6th Week of WHL 2017

Here we go again …

This Sunday, the Vikings women team faced the Spartanz Women team. Unfortunately our goalkeeper injured herself during the week and was unavailable but luckily we welcomed also a few new players who gave their final debut for the team. The Spartanz on the other side were missing a couple of players but still were an opponent to watch out for.

The first half started really well for the Vikings women, who build quickly a lead that resulted in a 12:6 half-time lead. Hereby we were able to capitalize from our string defense and also ensuring we kept the scoreboard ticking over on the other side. The second half started well (19:11), but half way through the Vikings women lost the momentum and the Spartanz team started a catch up goal by goal (20:15, 22:19). Luckily the Vikings girls kept their nerves and finished the last 3 minutes of the game string when they revisited their earlier defense performance to ensure the win (23:22, 25:23). The final result of 25:22 was a much needed win, but certainly the second half was something we should learn from and not repeat again.
Vikings HC – Laura 7, Amelie 5, Maddy 4, Paris 2, Hannah C 2, Nina 2, Bridget 2, Siri 1, Taye 
Spartanz HC – Megan; Paola 8. Emily 3, Sharney 3, Francie 3, Amelia 3, Ioana 2, Ruby

Both Vikings Men teams were scheduled to face each other on Sunday. Unfortunately the Danes had to default the game as the vast majority of the team (8 players) were selected for the NZ U21 team (participating at the IHF Trophy) and were unavailable for this game. So the Vikings Norse won be default.

The other results were:
Women – Victoria University HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 28:18
Men – Vic Uni HC Royals vs Northern Aguilas HC 13:44
Men – Vic Uni HC Wolves vs Spartanz HC 24:45
(note: Vic Uni HC Turtles– men – had a bye)