4th Week of WHL 2017

This Sunday was not a good Sunday for the Vikings teams.

At first the women team had to default, simply as to many layers of our small women squad were unavailable. We would liek to apologize to the women of the Vic Uni club that we couldn’t offer them a good game.

For the Vikings men teams, the “Danes” had a bye week and the “Norse” were scheduled to play the Spartanz. A very important game, as both teams are in the race for one of the top 4 places that qualify for the Semi-finals.
Same as the girls, the Norse missed three important players as they were away overseas, and therefore the team had only 7 players to compete. In a nutshell – the Norse lost 23:41 – and the Spartanz capitalised smartly from the Norse short comings on Sunday evening. Congrats to the Spartanz for taking their chances, and for the Norse team, heads up, next game will be better!
Vikings HC Norse –  Cassius, James; Nico 9, Rakesh 5, PJ 4, Daniel 3, Sam 2, Pierre
Spartanz HCRhys, Thomas; Rocky 8, Tom 8, Nick 7, Jed 5, Zcott 4, Kishore 3, Willy 3, Fred 2. Shyam 1

The other results were:
Women – Hutt Valley Hunters HC vs Spartanz HC 35:33
Men – Northern Aguilas HC vs Vic Uni HC Turtles 32:18
Men – Vic Uni HC Wolves vs Vic Uni HC Royals 15:15
(note: Vikings HC Danes – men – had a bye)