2nd Game of the WHL 2017

On Sunday, the Wellington Handball League (WHL), had it’s second game day of the season.

All three Vikings teams were scheduled and we achived 2 wins and one loss.

At first, the Vikings women team faced the Hutt Valley Hunters HC. This was also a hello to three former Vikings players who changed clubs prior to the season to play for the Hutt Valley Hunters.
The Vikings team was clearly the underdog but started really well and stayed in punching distance. Unfortuantely unneccesary turnovers were capitalised by the Hunters and allowed them to pull away just before halftime (8:17).
In the second half, the Vikings girls didn’t give up but we struggled with our shooting, even that we played ourselves in great shooting positions. At the end it was a deserved win by a better team – Congratulations Hunters, and a game the Vikings women can build up on moving forward. We know what we need to work on. The final result was 17:34. On a positive note: Everyone scored!
Vikings HC – Michaela; Laura 6, Maddy 4, Catherine 1, Bridget 1, Marie 1, Julia 1, Hannah K 1, Hannah C 1, Taye 1, Paris 1
Hutt Valley Hunters HC – Tahndae; Shrena 11, La 10, Tamara 5, Ailish 4, Te Hau 3, Marie 1, Grit, Madi, Georgia

The first Vikinsg men team playing, were the Danes. Today they faced the newly created Victoria University Royals team. The Royals are mainly beginners but quick learners and very passionate too.
The Vikings Danes started strong into the game and build a quick lead with 4 goals (8:4) but also showed too many times a lack of focus and therefore the lead had halftime was just 7 goals (16:9). In the halftime, the Danes reminded themselves that those games still need be played and everybody better picks up their focus towards this game.
The second half started better and the lead grow quickly to 12 goals (24:12), but then again lack of focus was a clear issue today with those Danes. At the end, it ws still a win (36:24) but especially the defensive performance and some sloppy fastbreaks are things the Vikings need to work on moving forward.
Vikings HC Danes Loann; Jack 8, Gus 5, Harry 5, Josh 5, Luke 4, Riley 4, Alex 3, Paul 1, Angus S 1
VUW Royals – Theis; Tom 10, Warihi 4, Sean 4, Drew 3, Michael 3, Jaxson, Kian, Sam

In the last game of the day, the Vikings HC Norse team, faced another newly created Victoria University team, called the Wolves.
Similar as the game before, it was very clear from the start who was favourite in this game. The Norse though started a bit better than the Danes, and buld a quick 8 goal lead (10:2). Towards the end of the first half though, the team defense started to turn a bit sloppy and the Wolves took adavantage of it (halftime score 17:9).
The second half was a bit of the same, the Vikings pulled away and then got sloppy, pulled away again, and got sloppy again. Though I wonder if teh late time (after 9pm) was maybe partially a reason for that. All together, the goal to play better as a team was mainly achieved and we can build up on that for next week. I also woudl like to thank the VUW Wolves for not giving up and improving massively throughout the game (same as the VUW Royals before). The final score was 33:21 for the Vikings Norse.
Vikings HC Norse – Cassius, James; Daniel 11, Sam 6, Rakesh 5, Nico 4, Wagner 2, Miguel 2, Pierre 2, Michael 1
VUW Wolves – HeHan; Oceon 8, Sean 6, Michael 2, Daniel 2, Alex 2, Roy 1, Mirko, Thomas

The other results were:
Women – Sprtanz HC vs Vic Uni HC 12:17
Men – Spartanz HC vs Vic Uni HC Turtles 33:30
(note: Northern Aguilas HC – men – had a bye)