Wellington Beginners League started

In 2016, Wellington Handball has introduced a new beginners league on the back of the Olympic games. Historically the Olympic games have ramped up the interest in our beloved sport and therefore all clubs, including the Vkings, have agreed a beginners league will help enable new players to jump in to just give it a go.

Both Vikings teams – women and men – have entered the competition and welcoming every week new players, or returning players to try Handball out.

If you are interested you can join our practices and games and see how you like it.
Practices are held every Tuesday between 6:45pm and 8:45pm at Samuel Marsden College (entrance via Vera Street) and the games are held Sunday afternoons (first game starts at 3:30pm) at the ASB Sports Stadium.
Either way, just come along, join our team and play some Handball 😉

2 thoughts on “Wellington Beginners League started

  1. Hi there,
    My rugby season is over and I’m looking for some summer sport to keep me fit. I used to play a bit of handball in high school back in France, long time ago, and I would be keen to get back to it.
    Is it ok to just show up at training on Tuesday?

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