Vikings men won 2016 Wellington League


Congratulations to the Vikings men team winning for the Wellington Handball League 2016.

The game against the old rivals (Vic Uni Wolves) was as expected not an easy one and the final score (38:26) doesn’t reflect the actual game flow which was much closer during 70% of the game time (40th minute 21:20). But the deeper bench and more focus in the last 20 minutes of the game secured the Vikings win. Congrats to the Vic Uni team who had a couple of key players injured and fought well in  the final.
Vikings men: Petr H, James W; Nico P 6, Todd 8, Daniel 7/2, Luke 6/1, Emmanuel N 1, Sam K 1, Jack G 4, Pierre T 3, Angus H 1, Riley G 1

Vikings men 2016 a

The Vikings women team played on Sunday the small final against the Vic Uni Ravens and besides the team playing better and better in attack, in defence we are still allowing our opposition to score to easily and therefore the experienced players from the Ravens took advantage of that to secure their win. The final result was 21:26. Though the Vikings girls were only down two 19:21 with 5 minutes to play, so the chances were there.
Still Congratulations to the Vikings women, who played a fantastic season with pretty much 11 (out of a team of 14) new players.
Vikings women: Tahndae W, Maddie W; Laura A 4, Maddy H 3, Sasha G 1, Tamara B 7, Bridget I 5, Georgia B 1, Hannah C, Sophie H

Vikings women 2016 a