2nd game day of Wellingtons Handball League

Today was the second game day of Wellington’s Handball League.

The results from today’s league day:

3:00pm – Women – Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 31:17
4:15pm – Women – Hutt Valley Hunters HC  vs Vic Uni Ravens HC 5:8
5:30pm – Men – Vic Uni Wolves HC vs Vic Uni Eagles HC 34:14
6:45pm – Men – Vikings HC vs Hutt Hawks HC 34:30
8:00pm – Men – Vic Uni Wolves HC vs Spartanz HC 31:29

The Vikings women faced this Sunday, the Spartanz, who won their first match very impressive against the Ravens. The girls started well and build a comfortable lead throughout the first half (6:4, 12:7, 18:10).
In the second half the Spartanz seemed to be better in the game, but today the Vikings did not back down and won by 31:17.
Though we won convincingly, there is lots of work to do to improve our team play.
Vikings HC:
Maddie; Laura 7, Maddy 11, Tamara 3, Bridget 3, Mapihi 3, Georgia 4, HannahC

The Vikings men faced today the Hutt Hawks. The game started going back and forward an no team could build a lead with more than two goals until the last few minutes of the half. The Vikings went with a 18:13 into the half time break.
At the beginning of the second half the Hawks fought their way back into the game (22:19, 24:22) before the Vikings retook the momentum and closed our the game (31:25, 34:30).
Today our defence did seem to be like a swiss chesse – holes everywhere –  but we were able to get away with a win. Moving forward we need to work on our team defence.
Vikings HC:
Petr; Nico 4, Todd 6, Daniel 4/1, Luke 12, Emmanuel 1, Jack 4, Pierre, Angus 1, Riley 2, Harry