First Game day of Wellington’s Handball League 2016

Today was the first game day and we saw a lot of new people involved across all clubs, which is AWESOME for Handball. => Thanks to all the clubs putting in so much effort to recruit new players.

The results from today’s league day:

3:30pm – Women – Spartanz HC vs Vic Uni Ravens HC 23:10
4:50pm – Women – Vikings HC vs Hutt Valley Hunters HC 19:24
5:10pm – Men – Vikings HC vs Spartanz HC 25:12
6:35pm – Men – Hutt Hawks HC vs Vic Uni Eagles HC 43:19
8:00pm – Men – Vikings HC vs Vic Uni Wolves HC 30:21

The women games especially seemed to be way more competitive as the last few years and that’s very nice to see.

The Vikings women team faced the newly created Hutt Valley Hunters, which were a mix of some very experienced players and some newbies who came through the Wellington School league. The Vikings played well but were running 1-2 goal behind the Valley Hunters for most of the game. At the end, we have seen very good starting points for the Vikings women, but we need to tidy up our defends efforts, as especially the more experienced players from the Valley Hunter’s captialised from them throughout the game for easy goals. Still the team fought 60 minutes and the final result (-5) does not reflect how close the game actually was.
Well Done Girls, next week, we will compete against and hopefully be a little bit better than today.
Vikings HC:
Tahndae; Laura 5, Georgia 1, Hannah O, Sasha, Bridget 3, Tamara 5, Mapihi. 1, Maddy 4, Josie

The Vikings men team faced a very new situation by having to play two (full) games within 3.5 hours. Due to some injuries and sickness’s we only had 11 players to play those two games, but we ‘survived’ and managed to come away with two wins.
The first game versus the Spartanz started very much in our favour, as we went fast into a comfortable lead (10:1) and never really looked back. During the whole game we had multiple stretches when not even making the best scoring opportunities but we could consider ourselfs lucky that the Spartanz missed some crucial players and therefore we might dodged a bullet here. The Spartanz never gave up and came within 5 goals (14:9) until the Vikings managed to pull away again to the final score of 25:10.
This was also the first game of Club Handball of our three newbies, Thomas, Riley and Angus, who played all extremely well.

The second game was a rematch of last years League final, against the Vic Uni Wolves. As this was our second game, we were kind just hoping to survive but shortly after the game started we came up with a lead (6:3) and never gave the lead back to the Wolves.Even that the score was always kinda close (Vikings leading within 3 goals) throughout the game, there was never the feeling that the Vikings would let lose and allow the Wolves back into the game. Thanks to our great defence and our even better goalie Petr, we managed to frustrate the Wolves attack. Over the last ten minutes, we managed to pull our lead further and cmae up with a 30:21 win.
Well Done Team, that was a great team effort and we all worked well together.
Vikings HC:
1st game: Petr; Jack 4, Sam 2/1, Pierre 1, Todd 1, Riley 2, Thomas 2, Angus 2, Emmanuel 2, Luke 3, Daniel 6/3
2nd game: Petr; Jack 2, Sam 1, Pierre, Todd 1, Riley 1, Thomas, Angus, Emmanuel 2, Luke 10, Daniel 13/3