Wellington League 2015 – Final

Yesterday’s men final was the highly anticipated game between the Vikings and Vic Uni, there 7th game against each other this season (4 league pool games, 1 league semi final, the final of the Wellington Open and now the final of the Wellington League).
Just before the game started there were a few bade ntoices coming in as Emmanuel and Ben could not play today due to illness and injury, but that team was still pumped and ready to roll.

Knowing from the past, these final games are true defensive battles and yesterday was not different. Both team started intense and no team was backing down. But then not even 10 minutes played into the game, a key player of the Vic Uni team was sent off with a straight red card (for abusing the referee after a call against him) and that seemed to be a decisive point in this final.
From this point everybody expected the Vikings team to slowly build a lead but even presented with plenty of good scoring opportunities the Vic Uni Goalkeeper saved ball after ball. Towards halftime the lead was 8:7 for the Vikings.
The second half was nail biter, no team backed down but now the Vikings really struggled to create good opportunities and Vic Uni on the other side had a few lucky breaks that they were able to convert and build a small lead 10:13. Especially both goalies were fantastic today and showcased the impact a goalie can have on a game. Now minute after minute, the Vikings ran on and tried all what they had, unfortunately they could not get their usual team attack going in this phase and as players tired down, Vic Uni’s defense stepped up to the occasion and hold on to the lead. Ten minutes to go, and 13:14 on the scoreboard, the Vikings seemed to have a last surge but an opportunity to draw landed on the post in the following attack Vic Uni went up 13:15. Now the time seemed to run away for the Vikings and Vic Uni were holding on and deservedly won today with 14:17.
Vikings men: Petr; Daniel 6, Luke 4, Nico 2, Nino 1, Harry 1, Jack, Fred, Pierre, Todd

Big shout out to the moral of Vic Uni, after losing one of their key players early on, to not losing it and grinding it out. On the other side, the Vikings team played a great season and has chosen the worst moment to have a ‘bad day’, the final.
Still we can proud of this young Vikings side who showed character and team spirit.

The Vikings women team didn’t had a game today and placed third in the 2015 season.
The women final between Vic Uni and the Spartanz ended with a 13:11 for Vic Uni.
Congratulations to Vic Uni for the double win of the 2015 Wellington League