6th League Day

Hi all,

Another Sunday, two Vikings teams played and unfortunately both teams lost.

The boys played first and met the Vic Uni team. Last game we lost by 17 in which we showcased heaps of defensive foes and as well a stuttering offense. This time we actually played really well, most of the game the score was either equal or one team was one or two goals up at maximum. Our defense improved significantly in compare to all other games before this season and our attack started to play more as a team too, as most of our goals were scored with multiple team members running good lines and sharing the ball. So why did we lose – simply we had way too many turnovers throughout the game and we let our goalkeepers down as we allowed way too many fastbreaks and therefor easy goals for the Vic Uni team. At the end we lost 26:31 as Vic Uni pulled away the last 5-7 minutes.
Vikings HC: Petr, Sam G; Daniel 7/3, Nico 4, Luke 4, Fred 4, Emmanuel 4, Jack 2, Nino 1

Our girls played the Spartanz team and had to play all game with only six players (one goalie + 5 field players). They still fought brave and actually had good chances all game long. But there was a good goalie in the Spartanz team who helped their team to stay in front (1:3, 5:9 at half time, 12:18 at the end). Well done girls but sometimes other teams are winning, we had played well and worked as a team.
Vikings HC: Maddie; Alex 8, Bridget 4, Lizzie 1, Laura 1, Kirstie

Next weekend (Sunday 12/7/2015) there are following games for the Vikings:
Women – Vikings HC vs U20 NZ at 5pm
Men – Vikings HC vs Hutt Hawks at 6:30pm