New Sponsor – Solity

The Vikings Handball Club proudly announces the new partnership with Solity.

Solity provides a mobile crisis / incident management platform that enables the effective execution and testing of your incident response and business continuity plans. The Solity solution replaces flat electronic files and paper based plans by migrating your event response procedures and contact lists into a secure cloud-based, mobile, automated, real-time, and collaborative environment.

The value Solity brings to an organisation is the peace of mind of a first rate incident response solution that helps minimise human, reputational and financial costs during an incident or crisis by enabling quick and co-ordinated decision making, communication and action, as well as providing extensive post-incident analysis.


So if you, your company, your organisation or someone you know is looking for a platform that allows them to effectively deal with crises (i.e. natural disasters), then please get in contact with them. You might be surprised how it easy it can be to prepared and the Solity platform will definitely help you with that a lot.