2nd League Day 2015

Yesterday both clubs returned to the court to play the second league day.

The boys started at 3:30pm to face the Spartanz HC. The opponent had a few new faces and were playing with a lot of passion. Fortunately for the Vikings boys, the experience within their squad played a into their favor and all Vikings (field) players contributed with goals to the final score of 33:15.

The girls faced at 6:30pm the Vic Uni HC and were able to come up with a win too. The Vic Uni HC was only able to field 6 players initially and were shortly down to 5 players. At Halftime we were up significantly and the Vic Uni team offered to default the game in order to include a player from another club. So officially the game has been won by default (30:0) but both teams played out the second half and the score was 25:22.

Next week we will see the 3rd round where the boys playing Vic Uni HC and the girls will play the Spartanz HC.