Upcomming weekend – New Zealand Secondary School Championships (NZSSC) 2014

Hi all,

this upcomming weekend the NZSSC are played at the ASB Stadium on Saturday (8:30am to 6pm) and Sunday (8:30am to 5pm).

The Vikings will be present and coach and support there affiliated schools:

U18 Boys – St Pats College – Coach: Luke Ireland – Players: Antonini De Gregorio, Harry Ireland, Sam Gallagher
U18 Boys – Rongotai College – Coach: Jun Burden

U18 Girls – Samuel Marsden College – Coach: Daniel Triebsch; Players: Maddy Hazelton, Catherin Graham, Alex Mair, Laura Albiston, Maddy Whyte, Lorin Lambert

Please come along and support the teams on their quest to win the National School Championships