A little bit disappointment but also pride …

are the feeling that were triggered after the finals were played yesterday.

Vikings Women

The women team finished with a loss to Vic Uni HC (4:11) and with a clear win over the Spartanz HC (9:3). After a long season the team finished 2nd in the table and can be very proud of what they’ve achieved.

Men Team

The men played yesteday the final versus Vic Uni HC and lost close 18:19. After the game everybody felt and knew that we should ahve won that game but at the end we were fallen short. There are heaps reason (or excuses) that could be named but all of them don’t change the reality that we scored one goal less then our opponent today. The boys fought brave and gave their best, as a coach I that’s all what I am asking them to do and therefore I am proud of the team.