Wellington League – game 14 (men) / game 11 (women)

Another game, another week and another draw

At the beginning of the team struggled a little a bit and were quickly 0:4 behind. But as usual we were able to turn it on and were leading multiple times with up to 3 goals (12:9, 18:15) and still only managed a 18:17 halftime lead.
After the break the Spartanz quickly caught up and it was a head to head for the rest of the game and hardly any team could get more than a two goals lead. In the last five minutes of the game the Vikings were behind 31:33 and turned it around to 34:33 and 40 seconds to go. Now the Vikings had the ball and should have just played the time down but we lost the ball due to an unnecessary individual mistake and the Spartanz turned this into a goal that draw the game. The Vikings had another 15 seconds for one last attempt and the shot was saved by the Goalkeeper.

For the Vikings played:
James W, Alfonso M; Michael W 4, Matthias 2, Jack G, Daniel T 5/1, Sam K 4, Stefan F 3, Jun B 2, Johannes N 11, Lachlan H 1, Pierre T 2, Nico P

Next game following Sunday (15th September) at 7:30pm at Kilbirnie Recreation Centre (versus Hutt Hawks HC)

The Vikings women team played today the Hutt Hawks team and started very focused and successful leading the majority of the game with two to four goals. Unfortunately in the last 10 minutes of the Game we lost a bit our focus in attack and the Hutt team were able to turn around the score from 13:17 to 23:21. The great effort of the Vikings team in the last four minutes unfortunately only resulted in one additional goal (22:23) and also meant the final score. Great fight girls, we are definitely on the right track.

For the Vikings played:
Julia G; Catherine G 7, Stefanie S 7 Maddy H 2, Rose P, Jane H, Kerstin H 5, Alex M 1

Next game following Sunday (15th September) at 6:15pm at Kilbrinie Recreation Centre (versus Spartanz HC)